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  1. It was me...I just sent you a Private Message (PM) and we'll take it from there......
  2. So to recap today's Protest session: There were only two people, myself and another gentlemen. We both took the test on Sunday morning, June 9th @ Midwood High School. The other person submitted a protest for question #5, which was one of those memorization questions. I submitted a protest for questions 21, 36 and 47, so we'll see what happens. I also asked how long it will take until the list is established and we get our official results - the representative said anywhere from 1 to 2 years. The reason why is because, once the list for B/O Exam 4600 expires this January and they're pretty much through B/O Exam 7612, with the exception of those restoring their name to the list, then they'll publish the list for B/O Exam 9604. Depending on how long that list is and how they're progressing with that list, then this one will be published. The good news though is the list for B/O Exam 7612 contains about 2,800 names, and, according to the comments on this page, they are approximately 1/4 of the way through the list, with the exception of those who missed their first appointment and are restoring their name to the list. For those of you who just took this exam: don't worry about the last portion of the last sentence. Our time will come eventually.
  3. Yeah, even for the last couple of Bus Operator protests sessions I went to, I think the maximum amount of people that were there were about five.
  4. It is definitely worth it!! I have attended the protest session for the last couple of exams, and to recap what happened: After taking the elevator to the 4th Floor, the personnel at the door will ask to see your "Candidate's Record of Answers" from the exam. They may temporarily take it, however they will give it back. They are eventually going to lead us to a room. The last protest session was held in a smaller conference room, the second to last protest session was held in the standard classroom. In this room, besides signing in, they are going to give us the test booklet, memory booklet, the proposed answer key and several "blank sheets" all at the same time. What we have to do is not only compare our "Candidate's Record of Answers" with the proposed answer key, which you can actually do ahead of time since they're posted on this webpage, but if we think that the answer we selected is better than the proposed answer, then we will have the chance to make this argument on the "blank sheets" that they will give us. Just make sure you provide a thorough argument, because if you write down "My answer is better than your answer," it will not be valid. In addition, the atmosphere during the protest session is the opposite compared to taking the exam, in other words, we can briefly talk to each other, we can ask each other for their opinion on a certain question, talk to each other more in-depth while walking out of the building, etc. Hope this helps.
  5. My apologies for going off-topic just for a little bit, however, in my senior year of high school, I did my Senior Thesis on the "Disadvantages of Technology." I would have loved to use the examples above and below to prove my point, especially since this did hit the local media.
  6. The exam had two parts: The first part, which included the memorization portion, was the civil service exam. This part was 60 questions and the score you get from that will determine your list number (higher the score, lower the list number & lower the score, higher the list number). The second part, which was 75 questions was the BOSS exam. This part is a pass/fail score. In other words, if you got one or two or three incorrect answers, in the long run it doesn't matter. However, if you got a lot of incorrect answers, then you're out of luck.
  7. As far as New York City Transit, they have you disclose past drug tests from the previous two years. As far as LIRR and/or MNR is concerned - I honestly don't know about those agencies. Sorry...
  8. For "Employment Operations" - 347-643-8229/30/31/32 For the DCAS hotline to check your status on the list - 212-669-1357, select option #2, enter your 9-digit Social Security number and follow the prompts. Good luck!!
  9. It was for me during the AM session on that day!! Like I said, I took an educated guess with that one particular question...
  10. Unfortunately for this you cannot check to see if your name was restored back to the list or not. As long as you got the piece of paper in the mail from DCAS stating that your name was restored, you're good to go. Just like in my quote in the previous post, you and me just need one thing: patience. I know it's hard, however you're not the only one, especially with that fact that following this incident, to this date, I still have to take a drug test and submit paperwork for the TA 4600 Bus Operator position.
  11. First, can we please stay on-topic? You are aware that Exam 7612 has it's own thread, right? Second, if you personally feel that you're "pissed off" by their "Employment Operations" Department, you're not the only one. If you wish to complain, but don't know how to, send me a Private Message (PM) and we'll take it from there.
  12. Since this is not a civil service exam, as soon as you have your paperwork, I would go back to Livingston Street ASAP and see what they say.
  13. They also give you the memorization booklet as well so you can compare your answers with the "map" that we had to memorize. A score of 83 is not bad, however with the fact that I personally got 6 incorrect questions, I'm going to make an effort to go. I was personally hoping for a higher score...

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