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  1. If you read the top of the second page of the Notice of Examination, which can be viewed here, it specifically says "...no restrictions that would disqualify you from performing the duties of this position." Therefore, as I look at this online document, the following restrictions are acceptable: -A3 (Medical Certification Exempt, since the agency does their own medicals, unless you're operating the S89 on Staten Island which goes into New Jersey. If so, the agency will provide this to you) -B (Corrective Lenses) -E (No Manual Transmission Commercial Motor Vehicle) -K (CDL Intrastate Only) -M (No Class "A" Passenger Vehicle, for those of us who took a road test in a tractor-trailer and a bus) Some of the most common restrictions which the agency does not accept is "N1" or "N2," which means that you took your CDL road test in a box truck, and then added the "P" endorsement later on. For those of you who live in New Jersey, you can click here for your list of endorsements/restrictions and for those of you who live in Connecticut, you can click here. Good luck!!
  2. If you are not successful with their "Employment Operations" phone numbers (347-643-8229/30/31/32), have you tried reaching out to the "higher ups," whose information can be viewed here? Good luck!!
  3. Does this also include waiting five [5] years before the member can even re-attempt the 10-Day Bus Operator Training Session?
  4. If you type "Bus Operator" into the search box of the Civil Service List Certification webpage, which can be viewed here, after mid-April (give/take a few days), if the agency wishes to hire Bus Operators, they need to request a new "batch" or "group" of names from DCAS, since the current certification, and not the list, will expire. This particular list doesn't expire until November of 2023. (If you folks want to see all of the Certifications going back to 2017, click here.) I want to also remind you folks that these examinations fall under the heading of "Civil Service." Therefore, if anyone on the 4600 or 7612 list wishes to restore their name, they have each and every right to do so, and they will have priority over the folks waiting to be called off of this list, since your list number remains the same. In addition, the lists for 4600 and 7612 were published before this one, respectively. Stay safe and healthy!!
  5. As @dman1455 said in his post, you have to pay those tickets to move forward. In addition, have you considered running off your standard abstract? When you gave the MTA your license information, one of the things they did was they ran your Standard Abstract to see if you have anything outstanding, including pending tickets. Therefore, if I was you, I would run this off yourself to see what it contains. Once you paid your tickets, it should reflect on the abstract, in which you should be able to move forward. Good luck!!
  6. According to this post and this post, the member's list number is in the 900's (aka 9xx). In addition, if you haven't received a response back, have you considered reaching out to the "higher ups?" Click here for their contact information. Good luck!!
  7. From my understanding, after April 14th, if they want to continue to call candidates, they have to request a new "batch" or "group" of names from DCAS to do so, since this falls under the heading of "Civil Service." They might be doing things differently now, since they are no longer physically mailing out "invitation letters," as you can see below, however, we'll see what happens as time progresses.
  8. The reason why is because a City agency has a limited amount of time to hire off of a "Civil Service" list. In this case, it is from the middle of March to the middle of April, especially when it comes to initially sending out the e-mail messages which contain the pre-employment paperwork (for those of you who are curious as far as what this contains, click here). Good luck!!
  9. You're welcome. Good luck!!
  10. Look at the ninth column from the left. As long as this number gets smaller over time, you're good. My list number for this particular exam is in the mid-600's. Between the January certification for Bus Operators and the March certification, my certification sequence number dropped by 40. In addition, if you want to see all of the Certifications for Bus Operator, Conductor and Track Worker, click here. Good luck!!
  11. No they didn't. This is how it is, even for all of the other "Civil Service" examinations that I have taken through DCAS. As long as the certification sequence number gets smaller, then you're good. Good luck!!
  12. I personally don't think those numbers are 100% accurate (and that's just me personally). With the fact that the CDC doesn't want "large crowds" until further notice, I think they're calling in small groups, and working with these small groups until they can successfully transfer them to Zerega. In addition, if you watch this YouTube video, at one minute and 25 seconds, it states that "Typically, 23% of those hired will fail out of the initial training." Therefore, this doesn't help as far as folks passing the initial 10-Day Bus Operator Training Session, however, it is what it is.
  13. My apologies for briefly going "off-topic," however, if you click here, not only did I reply to your post, but I also recommend using a free website to help you with this problem. Good luck!!
  14. Have you tried using cristcdl.com to obtain your permit? Back when I got mine, for the purposes of studying, I used the practice questions from this website 75 to 80% of the time (in which I made index cards and kept shuffling them up) and I read the manual the other 20 to 25% of the time. (If you need all of the information, refer to the bottom half of the green announcement box, located at the very top of this webpage.) If you click here, you can type your name in the search box located on the top-right hand side of the screen. Chances are they didn't call you in during those rounds. If you use the website I suggested for your permit, which is free, you will get it! Trust me! If I had to take an educated guess, it's not going to be for a while. The reason why is because, if you type "Bus Operator" into the search box of this webpage, you will see that from the agency's last certification on March 15th, the first 53 names for this position came off of the two prior lists, B/O 4600 and B/O 7612. Even if you scroll down further, the consecutive list numbers for this exam don't start until you reach the 68th person. In addition, as per this webpage, you now need an appointment to enter 180 Livingston Street. Therefore, they're only inviting a select number of candidates to 180 Livingston Street and working with this group, respectively. If I had to take an educated guess on when the process will pick back up off of this list - I would say it might pick back up this summer (June, July and/or August). However, providing they don't extend the list for B/O 4600 again, that list should expire in January of 2022, and by then things should definitely be rolling with this list. Good luck!!
  15. I would reach out to Ms. Rivera first, followed by Ms. Lodge, followed by the Office of the (Interim) President, followed by their Corporate Office Phone Number (212-878-7000). Good luck!!

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