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  1. Track Worker Exam #8600

    Well, the current open-competitive list is set to expire in October of 2018, which I personally think they're going to extend by at least a year (October 2019). After that, they will move on to the Promotional List for Track Worker, followed by the list generated by this exam. Therefore, depending on how long the promotional list is, and how fast they move through that list, I would say at least 2 1/2 years, maybe three. It all depends on how many people are taking the promotional exam, how many people pass it, and how fast they move through that list.
  2. Track Worker Exam #8600

    If you look at the third & fourth pages of the Notice of Examination, it mentions nothing about tools. Although we are about 6 months away from taking this exam, if I was you, match the topics that are going to be on the exam (memorization, visualization, written comprehension, written expression, etc.) with this & this NYPD Test Preparation Kits (the answers are on the last page of each PDF document). To this date, I have not found a test prep book for Track Worker, Bus Operator, or any other MTA/NYC Transit title that contains a memorization portion/section. As far as range of score, ideally the goal is to get as high of a score as possible. If you're looking for specific numbers, unfortunately I can't help you out for the following reasons: a) The last exam was 40 questions with no memorization portion and, as you can see here, about 12,500 people passed, in which about 25% of those people, including myself, got a 95% or better. Now if they gave the same 40 question exam plus a 10 question memorization portion, not only would the list not be as big, but not as many people would have scored a 90% or better, in which only "the best of the best" would get called first. b) As you probably heard in the news, and in this article, the MTA plans on hiring a lot of track workers, for a total of about 3,000, to fix the 100+ year old system. Because of this, they're going to go move through the current list at a much more rapid pace. Now if the system was in a "good" shape of repair and not as many people were entering retirement, nor if they were going to pull people out of the Track Worker title for the Foreman position, then they would not move through the list as fast. Now there are probably some people out there who will disagree with me and say that "You need a 95 or better" to get called or something to that nature. If that is the case, then I propose to you the following question: If you look at the Notice of Examinations (NOE) for Exam 3600 & Exam 8600, why are there twelve (12) different abilities listed in the NOE for Exam 8600, when there was only one [1] ability listed in the NOE for Exam 3600? Just some food for thought...
  3. TEMM Interview on 4th floor???

    Read this post. Should be self-explanatory.
  4. TEMM Interview on 4th floor???

    First of all, welcome!! Second, the 4th floor of 180 Livingston Street is the examinations department, Human Resources is on the 5th floor. Therefore, since they're telling you to bring a #2 pencil, you'll probably be taking some type of examination. Good luck!!
  5. Posting Pictures

    I use TinyPic.
  6. Track Worker Exam #8600

    For 3600, the exam was given in April of 2013 and the list was published 18 months later in October of 2014. Keep in mind that there is a promotional exam as well, so if I had to take an educated guess, I would say anywhere from 2 to 3 years, depending on that promotional list. Yes, they are still calling from the 3600 list. Out of the 12,497 people on the list, I'm in the 2800's and waiting to go down to Livingston Street for the first drug test. As far as the training, I would encourage you to go through this thread, however,from what I've read so far, it's in a classroom and in the field, at a train yard. You get quizzes/exams, but as long as you pay attention, concentrate and study, you should be fine.
  7. Does the MTA call your old job?

    You're welcome. Even if you got fired numerous times, just disclose it, regardless of how bad it is. Keep in mind this is a civil service job, and NOT a job within the private sector.
  8. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    Please exercise proper forum etiquette and be careful with the CAPITAL LETTERS...thank you...
  9. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    From what I remember from reading these posts on this website, the medical exam is good for 90 calendar days, therefore hopefully they'll be able to cross-reference everything, and then send you off to final processing, followed by the training class. Good luck!! Keep us posted!!
  10. Does the MTA call your old job?

    No they don't. Just be truthful when you disclose any information about your prior jobs, that's all.
  11. MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

    It isn't...all you have to do is to make a "study sheet" for yourself to memorize before the road test. If you do make one, I included pictures since I didn't have 24/7 access to a bus. Hopefully this site will help, which includes pictures, and this YouTube video helps as well. And don't forget ALSAPS for both the DMV road test & MTA!! Good luck!!
  12. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 4600

    1st Choice Driving School in Brooklyn, however, last I heard, they have discontinued their CDL training programs. Sorry...
  13. Double list numbers?

    I got both letters as well, and I disagree with what you said, however that's just my opinion... I took B/O Exam 2613 & B/O Exam 4600 before taking this one. In order to successfully get on the list for either of those, you had to take a civil service exam, which some of us did this weekend, since some of us will be taking it next weekend (and maybe the weekend after), and the BOSS exam as well. However, since the results from the BOSS exam are good for one [1] calendar year from the day you took it, it doesn't make sense to take the same exam twice or three times, since NYC Transit has to pay rent to a school, mail out a second set of admission letters, run off copies of all the test materials, etc. Got it? Keep in mind that B/O exam 7612 is a civil service position, with a NYCERS pension, that's why there are two exams. The other exams - 7300 & 7304, are not civil service positions in which they will not get a NYCERS pension.
  14. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    People have done it before, including me for previous exams and I was not disqualified. Therefore, don't worry about it.
  15. Track Worker Exam No. 3600

    I agree 100%, especially with the "false letters" that a lot of us received in the mail last month...


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