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  1. It depends when. If it was within the past three years, yes. If this was not within the past three years, then no.
  2. You're welcome!! As far as keeping your license clean, if you click here I described the requirements that the agency is looking for when the time comes for you to report to pre-employment processing. As we all know, things happen in our lives at one point or another. So if you get into an accident or if you get a ticket (and you pay it) or if you get a point or two on your license, it's okay since the list for this exam is not going to be produced for a while. Plus, when they run your abstract, which you can do yourself by clicking here, they look at the last three years and not your entire driving record. Just remember that, for TA purposes, those "Defensive Driving Classes" do not count.
  3. When the time comes for you to report to the 5th Floor of 180 Livingston Street for pre-employment processing, one of the things they will do is run your abstract. As a result of this incident taking place, in which I was able to take my paperwork with me, I learned that they run the standard abstract and not the newer CDL abstract or anything to that nature. For New York residents, click here if you wish to obtain your own abstract through the DMV's website. As far as what would disqualify you: Within the past three years of you reporting to pre-employment processing, if you have any suspensions, revocations, DWI, DUI or anything to that nature, you will not be allowed to continue. In addition, if you have any unpaid or pending tickets, court dates, more than two accidents (regardless of who was at fault), more than four points on your license, you will not be allowed to continue. If you did take any "Defensive Driving Classes," for this purpose they do not count. In addition, as per the top of the second page of the Notice of Examination, you must have either a Class B CDL (Commercial Driver's License) or a Class B CLP (Commercial Learner's Permit) with a "P" endorsement with no disqualifying restrictions such as "N1" or "N2". If you have an A3, B, E, K or M restriction, you're fine (click here and scroll to the second page for the entire list). I have seen people that got turned away because they don't have either the CDL, CLP, the wrong class (such as a Class "C" CDL compared to a Class "B"), or, in one case, an applicant had the Class "B" CDL, but as a result of him/her taking a road test in a box truck and not a bus, he/she had the N2 restriction, which is unacceptable. If you need help studying for the CLP, I would check out cristcdl.com. I personally made index cards with the practice test questions, and between using the index cards 75 to 80% percent of the time, and reading the book 20 to 25% of the time, I successfully got my CLPs, respectfully.
  4. Offhand, does anybody know the equipment that they will be running in less than two weeks for the Parade of Trains? Thanks in advance.
  5. If you did not receive a letter in the mail informing that you failed the BOSS for Exam 9618, assume that you passed. According to the top of the fourth page of the Notice of Examination for Exam 9309, just send an email to examsunit@nyct.com and ask that the results from the BOSS for Exam 9618 be transferred to this exam. I would definitely encourage you to e-mail them and ask them to transfer the results. You'll probably get called for this exam before the other one. In addition, as per the guidelines of the website, can you please post in the relevant thread? Myself and the other staff members want you to continue asking questions, however it doesn't make sense to have multiple threads/topics open for the same exam, title, position, etc. Thanks and good luck!!
  6. It's not going to be for a while. As of the current moment, Exam 7612 is out. With the fact that the list Exam 7612 contains only 2,847 names, and, as of this typing, they are just shy of the half-way point, there is still going to be some time before the list for the next exam, Exam 9604 is established. Once that list is established, and depending on how many names are on that list, how fast they go through that list, etc., will then determine when this list will be produced. If I had to take an educated guess as far as giving you a time frame, I would say this list will be established in perhaps three to four years, maybe five. It might be sooner depending upon what happens. Only time will tell. Keep in mind that for Exam 4600, which is set to expire this January, according to the Notice of Examination for Exam 4600, that test was administered in December of 2013 and the list for that particular exam wasn't established until January of 2016 (about two years after the initial examination).
  7. If you get hired by either MTA Bus Company or MaBSTOA and then you get called by NYC Transit, you can simply transfer over. This will come much later on, the trick now is to just get your foot in the door.
  8. I'm not here to start any arguments, however I did go to Ferrari Driving School. I don't know about the prices, since I got my CDL 4 to 5 years ago for both the Tractor Trailer and the Bus, however both of these driving schools, along with the many others throughout the tri-state area have "packages" that you can pick and choose from. I chose the package with more lessons, @dman1455 chose a package for less lessons and we both passed the road test. Therefore, I would advise you to do your research and take it from there. (If you are interested in Ferrari, send me a Private Message (PM) and I'll guide you as far as the instructors are concerned.) In the event you are unaware, DMV has a new "E" restriction in which, if you take your first CDL road test in a Commercial Motor Vehicle which has an automatic transmission, you will be given an "E" restriction (click here and here for more details). I know for sure that Ferrari Driving School has buses equipped with a manual transmission if you want to avoid getting this "E" restriction. Just call them for more information on where they're specifically located. In addition, as a strong recommendation, I would also take the multiple-choice test for the School Bus "S" endorsement as well. Otherwise, if you decide to get this endorsement later on, you will have to take another road test in a similar vehicle. "Ouch" is right.
  9. In addition, according to this page, 6860 and 6863 are also on loan from Queens Village, right? As of now, 6860 is on the Q31 going S/B to Jamaica. As of now, 6863 is on the Q15A going N/B towards Beechhurst. As of now, 7776 (another loaner from Jamaica) is on the Q13 going N/B towards Fort Totten.
  10. Try posting in this pinned thread...you'll probably get a faster answer.
  11. Now it makes sense... As per the guidelines, can we please stay on-topic in regards to buses and NOT subway cars? In addition, I thought they were taken off the system to be converted to R-188's by the manufacturer and not NYC Transit. They might as well since they're periodically using some of those buses on that route. I know that they can do this in-house since, according to this YouTube video, they initially wrapped them in-house to begin with.
  12. And this is not the first time that this has happened, and this only went into effect 12 days ago? Jeez...
  13. Is this for Long Island Railroad or Metro North Railroad?
  14. According to the post below, which can be found above at #910, hopefully a couple more months...

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