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  1. Click here for more information. Close date is Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. Good luck!!
  2. From my perspective there is no new updates, however one of the things you can do is keep an eye on the Civil Service List Certification page by either typing your name or "Track Worker" in the search box on the top right hand side, followed by pressing "enter" on your keyboard. As soon as the agency requests a list of candidates, regardless of how many, the information will show on this website first before those selected candidates get a letter in the mail inviting them to report for pre-employment processing. Good luck everyone!!
  3. If you look at some videos, such as this one, this one and this one, when the line is underground, there is no rail in between the gauge tracks! From what I was told, especially on the elevated tracks, this is installed in the event of a derailment. This way, if something happens on the elevated structure, the train will stay on the structure compared to coming off the rails altogether.
  4. As per the guidelines of the website, can you please post in the relevant thread? As far as the Conductor Hiring Process for NYC Transit is concerned, the thread can be found here. Thank you...
  5. Congrats to her!! Do you know what her list number is offhand? And if you can re-post this in the 7612 thread, it would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. Can you please stick to the pinned topic, which can be found here? There is no need to make more than one thread/topic for the same examination. Thank you.
  7. Those that are in the best condition will definitely be saved for Work Service; the others, as per this article, will go to Sims Metal Management in New Jersey to be scrapped.
  8. Towards the end of this YouTube clip, you'll see the numerous surprises on 4790 and 4791.
  9. First of all, you know that a pinned thread was already created for this particular title which can be found here, right? Therefore, going future, if you can post in this pinned thread, it would be appreciated. Second, to answer your question, I would first call them (347-643-8229/30/31/32) to see what the status is. If you have trouble, you might want to give Ms. Rivera and/or Ms. Chestnut a call and see what they have to say. Either way, if you can keep us posted in the pinned thread, it would be appreciated. Don't forget to keep hiding the last digit or two of your list number in order to hide your identity. Good luck!!
  10. According to my sources, they hired approximately 830 people from the prior exam and they stopped on list number 34**.
  11. https://new.mta.info/r42retirement Rest In Peace.
  12. Here is the Notice of Examination. All of the necessary information is included in the notice. Good luck folks!!
  13. I fixed it, however if you can keep this in mind when posting, it would be appreciated.
  14. In an effort to hide your identity, can you please hide the last digit or two of your list number? As an example, my list number for this exam is 2,2** so I can say my list number is in the "2,200's" or "2,2XX" or something to that nature. As per the guidelines, can you please refrain from "bumping" this topic? I know you're excited, speaking to current track workers, etc., however there are rules and regulations which we ask everyone to follow. Thank you.
  15. I do understand where he is coming from with the 5 DWI's that you have...just refrain from saying the things that I put in bold and highlighted, and we'll be good.
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