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  1. RTO = Rapid Transit Operations (Train Operators, Conductors, etc.) As far as the rest of your questions, have you read this thread? After you have done so, if you still have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
  2. They did, and from what I read, those who qualified went to different depots for training on the New Flyers and Novas, and, as per this post, since Days 11 and beyond include people being in close proximity to each other, in the form of a regular classroom, it made sense to send them home today, which was supposed to be Day 11. Even during line training, regardless of who physically operates the bus, if either the trainer or the trainee *coughs* for whatever reason, then...(I'm not going to elaborate any further.) You're welcome.
  3. Moody's list number is 14xx. As far as DMV is concerned, if you read this Executive Order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which is in effect until April 19th, 2020, only DMV on-line transactions will be permitted. In addition, if you look at the New York DMV website, on the top in red it says "...Traffic Violation Bureaus are adjourned through April 17th." As this epidemic unfolds, especially after Easter Sunday, which falls on April 12th, hopefully our elected officials will give a critical update as far as this is concerned. Stay safe and healthy!!
  4. If this is the case, then what are they going to use on the 'A' division? I know they use some R62s on the Flushing Line, and I know the R127/R134s do not have Air-Conditioning, therefore...
  5. Generally speaking, you would have to take the exams all over again. They will definitely not allow you to take the road test with an expired CLP (Commercial Learners Permit). However, despite the epidemic that's going on, I don't know how much longer your CLP will be valid for past the May 17th deadline. If I was you, I would check the DMV website periodically, since there are a lot of other people who are in a similar situation as you. In addition, I would read the manual and practice going over those questions, since I don't know how backlogged DMV is going to be with their road tests, how backlogged 180 Livingston Street is going to be with all of these candidates that they were supposed to send to training, in addition to having them take another drug test, etc.
  6. If you are unsure where to find the YouTube tutorials, click here. I would also encourage you folks to be as familiar as possible with the handouts as well. I know a few people out there who made it on Day 7 because of these handouts. Although all training is currently suspended, the Human Resources Office at 180 Livingston Street and the Dept. of Motor Vehicles are temporarily closed, one of the things which is still open is the CristCDL website! Therefore, for those of you who still have to get their Commercial Learner's Permit (depending on your list number), you can take advantage of this time to start reading the manual, which is available here, and to start tackling those questions, which can easily be done in the comfort of your home, apartment, etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Stay safe and healthy!!
  7. Thank you for the update. However, at the same time, as per the guidelines, if we can stay on-topic, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Apparently that's not the case since this is now affecting other depots, including Casey Stengel...
  9. Now it makes sense why the attached "Delays" are posted on the MTA website...I love what they say as well - "...while our employees take important precautions against COVID-19."
  10. You're welcome. I wish I had better news, however, despite the epidemic, it makes sense, especially since they get 'healthy' crowds on a regular basis.
  11. Not really, however, if you listen to Ms. Rivera's answering machine, in which her phone number can be obtained here, she does mention that herself and the Human Resources staff would not be in until March 30th, 2020 because of the epidemic. Now whether this is true or not for folks that are either outsiders of NYC Transit, or for those who already work for the agency - to be honest with you, I have the slightest clue. Good luck!!
  12. Offhand, have you looked at the handouts? It has helped other people... Good luck!!
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