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  1. Not to my knowledge. If you want to double check, you can call (212) 832 4583 for more information.
  2. The restrictions that you listed are acceptable for the 10-day training session. If you read the Notice of Examination carefully, on the top of page two, it says "no restrictions that would disqualify you from performing the duties of this position." Therefore, for those living in New York, if you have a L, N1 or N2 restriction, you will have a problem. However, with the restrictions that you have listed, you will be fine for employment processing and the 10-day training session. For New York State residents, click here and scroll to the second page for the full list of endorsements and restrictions. **For New Jersey residents, here are the endorsements and restrictions (scroll down towards the middle portion of the page). **For those living in Connecticut, all of the information can be found here. **For those living in Pennsylvania, all of the information can be found here towards the bottom of the page. ** = Note that for New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania residents, only a valid CDL (not a permit) with an abstract which is less than 30 calendar days old will be acceptable. NYC Transit will not accept a CDL from any other state, other than what is listed above.
  3. First of all, welcome to the Forums!! As a general rule of thumb, can you please hide the last digit or two of your list number in order to hide your identity on this public forum? As an example, since this list contains 2,847 people, if your specific list number is 3,925, you can identify your list number as "in the 3,900s" or "3,9xx" or something to this nature. For those who reinstate their name to the list, it will take DCAS approximately a week to reinstate you to the list. You should receive something in the mail from them indicating such. As far as hiring off of this list again in the near future, it depends on the needs of the Department of Buses. There is a class starting November 25th, so I personally think they are temporarily on the 'good' side. In addition, have you checked out this website? If you type either your last name or "Bus Operator" or "07612" into the search box on the top right, you'll know when the agency requested the next batch of candidates from DCAS. From my experience, the website will give you a 'heads-up' before you get the letter in the mail inviting you down for employment processing. As far as where you stand on the list, the good news is that your list number remains the same. Therefore, with the fact that they have hired approximately up to the 1400s on the list and they are up to the 1700s as far as the first pre-employment and the drug test are concerned, when they request the next batch of candidates from DCAS, you, along with everyone else who has a smaller list number than the 1400s who restored their name to the list as well will have first priority over those whose list number is higher. Again, this all comes down to your list number, which is permanent until the list expires. Good luck and once again, welcome!!
  4. See below, for my educated guess to this answer.
  5. https://www.nytransitmuseum.org/holidaynostalgiarides/ Enjoy!!
  6. Congrats!! And don't forget about the handouts for the initial 10-day training session.
  7. My apologies in bumping this thread, however the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is, once again, hiring Bus Operators...click here for more details and click here for their fleet roster. Good luck!!
  8. What? My apologies if I'm on the "negative" side, however for this particular exam, I highly doubt we're get notification sometime next year. Although the Human Resources office is now slightly past the halfway point for Exam 7612, they still have to go through Exam 9604 before this list gets published. If you read what I posted back in September 15th at approximately 3 PM, which is above this quote, it should be self-explanatory.
  9. If you look at the thread from the prior list, B/O 7612 Hiring Process, out of the 2,847 candidates that are on that list, which was established back on October 17th, 2018, according to this post someone in the 1500's recently received a notice in the mail inviting him/her down for the pre-employment process and approximately three weeks ago, according to this post, someone in the 1700's also received a notice in the mail as well. Therefore, if you do the mathematical computations, the agency is slightly past the half-way mark for the prior list. With the fact that they have approximately 1,100 to 1,300 people to go through, including those who decide to restore their name to the list, I would say this list will be out sometime in the second-half of 2020. I originally said in this post that this list might be out in September or October of next year, however, with the rate that they are mailing these letters out for the first time, I would not be surprised if this list is out in July or August of next year.
  10. Correct. You need to have at max four [4] points. As a reminder, those "Defensive Driving Classes" do not count. Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Bi Weekly. If you happen to fail on Day 10, they will mail you both paychecks. And don't forget about that W2 tax form as well!!
  12. As a general rule of thumb (unless they changed things around), if you get a note from a physician regarding a certain medical condition, the note is good for three months. So if you got a letter that was dated August 6th, 2019, today is the last day that MAC (Medical Assessment Center) would accept it. Now if you got a letter dated August 11th, 2019, then this Friday, November 8th would be the last day that they would accept it, since Monday is a holiday (Veterans Day). As far as cristcdl.com is concerned, I agree 100%!! Although they still have new features, which I still have to tried out, I successfully used this site to get all of the endorsements, except for Metal Coil and Tow Truck.

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