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  1. For those who are about to start, do you know when you'll be able to log onto the BSC? Have you also been able to order your work shoes? I called HR and they said they would send the information to the company that they get shoes from on Monday. It's Wednesday now and no progress.
  2. I just went to the front desk and told them my situation and they called someone in charge of hiring, I don't recall the name.
  3. They called my phone then told me that they would send an email and I had to reply to the email as a confirmation saying that I had received it.
  4. I went in on Tuesday, did medical, after I did the medical, found out that medical isn't required for Elevator and apparently the front desk was trying to put us in Signals. I said I didn't want Signals because my letter said Elevator and I accepted the offer based on that so they hired me for Elevator on the same day. I start later this month. HR has been really good throughout the whole process.
  5. I got one just now as well, I think the automated messages all went out at the same time. Pre-employment screening like drug test, prior employment record, etc. They want me to come in 7:30AM
  6. There were actually quite a few ladder questions, more than I expected, but it seemed pretty straightforward. Every picture had a blatant mistake and the questions were easy. Make sure you only give one answer otherwise you won't get credit.
  7. I got my SPA letter today, says they want me to come on Saturday 11/3/18.
  8. Did anyone attend the walk-in protest session or know if anything was changed? Unfortunately I had already purchased plane tickets out of the country and I had to leave 2 days before the protest session date. I got 97 but I am almost certain that there are a long list of 100s ahead of me because it was like a high school level difficulty exam.
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