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  1. Swadian

    MCI VINs

    Trying to figure out where @davemackey gets his MCI VIN information. I'm trying to trace some MCI units by VIN, in particular 1M8SDMTA2RP046640. Apparently it was delivered to Kerrville as #229, but Kerrville says they never had a #229.
  2. Swadian

    New Flyer MCI D45 CRT LE

    This is a modified J4500, not a D4500. It has the spiral staircase of the J4500, the fiberglass shell of the J4500, and its dimensions are just like the J4500: Overall Length: 45' 7" (same as J4500, but D4500 has 45' 5") Wheelbase: 315" (same as J4500, but D4500 has 318") GVWR: 54000 lb (same as J4500, but D4500 has 50000 lb) Turning Diameter: 40' 11" (same as J4500, but D4500 has 47' 0" or 51' 9" with the tag axle locked) Fuel Tank: 183 gal usable (same as J4500, but the current D4500 has 164 gal) So MCI should have called it the J45 CRT LE, not D45 CRT LE, and it's actually probably better for commuter service since its turning diameter is a lot less than the D4500. It also rusts less because it's completely fiberglass on the outside.


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