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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/21/nyregion/port-authority-bus-terminal.html
  2. Is there a coordination between the two plants on a continous VIN scheme? I thought having the order built in two places would produce two or more different series of VINs.
  3. These are some good posts on SubChat by Joe F: http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1394198 http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=778727
  4. Has the number of 8-car units been specified yet?
  5. I would do 10000-11611 and get it over with. The 10000 series to represent something brand new and besides, many other systems use 5-digits and they have less rolling stock. As it is now, I explained to someone how I think the numbering ***MIGHT*** proceed: The R211A will most likely be 4060-4499 (440). The R211S could be 3985-4059 (75). The R211T could be 4500-4519 (20). If the options (640+437) are excersied, you can have 3345-3984 (640) and 4520-4956 (437). Now if what VIP is true, that the R211S won't be 4-digits (and instead 3-digits like the R44), then the initial 4060-4064 makes more sense: R211S: 500-574 (75) R211A: 4060-4499 (440) R211T: 3400-3419 (20) R211A or R211T option 1: 3420-4059 (640) R211A or R211T option 2: 4500-4936 (437) The R211 would be 500-574 and 3400-4936.
  6. Actually, at first I thought it might have been the Market-Frankford line in Philadelphia because this looked so unfamiliar. But then I remembered the Williamsburg Bridge had gone under reconstruction in the 1990s, AND as far as I have read, the movie was filmed only in New York City and Puerto Rico. This is the view of the El in the movie: I can't find any vintage photos from the movie's perspective, but here are some that show what that space had been used for. From what I gather, this space was not a street, but was an entrance on Driggs Avenue to an old trolley station located on the actual bridge upstairs, which should be on the left. From nycsubway.org, you can see are staircases that head down to street level from the platform on the left. Again, this platform appears to be on the bridge itself: This This one is from 1986, and it looks a lot like the scene from the movie: Another similar one: This is the El structure from a 1906 postcard. The ironwork looks the same: Today it's different. This is from the JoeKorner website: http://www.thejoekorner.com/photos/willybridge/index.html "New track supports from street"
  7. It's the Williamsburg Bridge, but before the bridge went reconstruction in the mid-1990s (the movie filmed in 1989-1990). When you go to timestamp 0:54, you can see Driggs Avenue: Driggs Avenue today: But the subway was reconstructed, so that street no longer exists, and the elevated structure was replaced with these big columns. This is what we have today:
  8. The model of the sign. Luminator makes the Titan display signs.
  9. https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/n-y-governor-outlines-306b-infrastructure-plan/
  10. It's been confirmed that there were also 9 passengers on the bus.
  11. It's been assigned since the beginning actually. So it's 1000-1015 and 1072.
  12. IMG_7524 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7525 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7526 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7528 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7532 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7534 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7535 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7537 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7538 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7541 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7543 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7545 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7547 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7553 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7557 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7562 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7561 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7567 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7568 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7576 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7580 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7585 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_7593 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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