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  1. Who went today for a medical, a lot of people were there?
  2. They told my coworker that he will go next time with other guy for a business trip ,they told him straight that I'm about to go in MTA. I didn't tell anyone in company except 3 guys. But I trust them.
  3. Did MTA give a call to current employer? Somehow my company figured out that I'm about to leave.
  4. Did you have an option to pick a date to do medical?
  5. I'm afraid that too.... have a flight on next week to San Francisco. After that got 3 weeks vacation.... hope they call me when will be on vacation.
  6. Thanks. I wasn't right. Glad you made it))))
  7. We can't answer this question. Unless they will answer on our questions.
  8. I think that was misunderstanding. No one starts on Monday.
  9. Congrats guys. It was fast for you. How many people are in ur group?
  10. It supposed to be on the top ( right side ) of any letters you received

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