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  1. Signal department is responsible for a moving trains. Signal lights, switches, stops and a lot of stuff are served by signal department. As a helper you have to protect your maintainer who you work with from approaching trains....by flagging them. You will have power to stop train and let it go.
  2. Of course you should. Do what you can do, call them to get clear answers. Or try to contact via emails. I think your file can easily be sitting in a "waiting room " and who knows when they take it back. I had same problem. But lucky me I paid it same day online and show them a payment slip via email. But actually was sent back home to pay in dmv.
  3. Hi guys. I heard that one more class will come soon to the school. We have prepared some books to them . Any news who got called in? Don't know exactly when.
  4. We still in the school. For about 2-3 weeks. After that they let us go in the field. Don't know where exactly they will send us. Haven't heard anything about a new classes coming in.
  5. Good that' you took it. It could be 5 to 12 months. In my case the exam was July 2018 and in December they give us SPA.
  6. A little heads up ..... they told us we are not the last class. They need more people in. Probably next class will be in around first half of August. In my group like 5 people from exam 2018
  7. Hi guys. It's a lot of info they gave out. Training about a month . As long as you pay attention to the course it's not hard at all. The most hard part is to get on time. Because they don't like it if are you late. First week only in the class ( a lot of paper work) and getting some stuff. Second week is the real class begins.
  8. It depends. And the management only knows that I guess. Signal training will be about 2 weeks.
  9. Thank you. Was today there. About 40 people in for TEH. 70% signal, other power and power distribution. Was asking around. Somebody got called in last week for a class on July 15.
  10. I was reading over the forum. Just a question for **tprashad0719** - U was called off but turned it down ? You went for a 2nd pre-employment procedure and see that they put you not in E&E?
  11. Good to hear. Guys did you get your metro I'd card via mail?
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