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  1. I do the same thing. I hate that damn tie. On another note passed my final and road practical. Ready to be out on the road next week. Will be seeing you super conductors out there. 😊
  2. Hey y’all, Just finished my last road posting today. Got my final tomorrow and road practical on Friday. Will be on my own next week. I hope to see all you super conductors out there on the road soon.
  3. Thank you so much Riku. I appreciate it. 😊
  4. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I got my midterm and yard practical this week, I’m so excited and very ready.
  5. Hey, Looking for a little help here. Anyone know how to get to Fire School in Coney Island Yard? I know we supposed to take the F train to Avenue X. After that I’m a bit lost. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.
  6. How you never got an invite? I’m number 163X and I’m currently in school car that started August 19th. That doesn’t sound possible.
  7. Thanks again. Anxious and nervous at the same time. But so excited for this new chapter in my life.
  8. Sweet. Thanks so much for all of your help. You’re the best. Very anxious and looking forward to starting on Monday. I also had one more question. If you know, how does the pay scale progress?
  9. Thanks. Much appreciated. On the first day do they allow you to set up direct deposit? So used to direct deposit, would be weird to have a paper check.
  10. Are polos okay to wear for car school or does it have to be a button down?
  11. Hey everyone, I have a question and I’m not sure if anyone can answer it. Does anyone know how the wage progresses?
  12. Funny because that’s the same one I was looking at. Awesome. Thanks so much. Will definitely purchase for car school. And I will order my shoes this weekend as well. You guys are great. Thanks for all the help.
  13. There are so many different kinds. Can you give some suggestions on which one is good. Considering the whole straps things while on the tracks.
  14. Thanks. I am looking forward to meeting you all as well.
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