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  1. Thank you! It’s going great so far, we start line training on Monday.
  2. A lot of people didn’t pass on day 6 & 7. I passed on day 9.
  3. Everything is going well. Day 7, what depot are you training in?
  4. I had to decline the job because I got hired as a bus operator on Monday. My list number is #12. They should get to you soon.
  5. Yes I did, everything went smoothly. I can’t wait until training starts next month.
  6. They said they’ll call me back for a medical exam. Yesterday was 90 days of me taking the medical on Jan. 18th
  7. Thanks I definitely will. Exam 4105 OA
  8. Went in for drug testing today. I was informed that there’s a class April 1st.
  9. You must have no pending tickets whatsoever to be appointed. If a ticket is older than three years then you should be fine. You can be appointed with 4 or less points. My best suggestion is if they call you just pay the ticket and show proof that it’s taken care of.
  10. Perfect! So this should be it. Then training after.
  11. Just got a call to come back in for drug testing on the 18th. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the medical exam is good for up to 90 days. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks! I’m sure I’ll pass the drug test without a doubt. On the paper it said it’s a level 01-F permanent position.
  13. Just went in today for the pre employeement process and drug testing. Does anybody else have experience or info about this position?
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