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  1. How is everyone feeling after the first week of training? I can say for myself that i enjoy it but I also came home like twice stressed out 😂😂
  2. I just received a call to come in for Final Processing. Im excited as hell. Lets gooooo
  3. Yea it is very discouraging. Especially when I’m up to my third drug test and did my medical to be told that there was a hiring freeze. My medical didn’t expire but the process is very annoying. Most people only do it for the pension and benefits. It’s rewarding if your current job doesn’t offer any of the above, and if you get paid less
  4. Just another drug test, we also had to fill out another application. I took my medical the ending of January, i would assume Baron took his as well, I’m not sure when tho.
  5. I hope so, I've been in this process since December.
  6. Yea I got a call back to come do the drug test on the 18th. I also did my medical already. I asked about that and Ms.Chestnut said it takes 90 days.
  7. Hey, took started my preemployment 12/27/18 and passed, took my medical and second drug test on 1/16/19 anybody have any updates on when to expect another call, or the next starting class. I also read that their is a hold any information on that?
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