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  1. I had to add my make back also. That was like 3 weeks ago. Still waiting the said I didn’t appear for medical. Mind you I was on hold an brought the clearance back within one week.
  2. Any update for anyone still waiting for a call back.
  3. Mta is something else as I said before I was on medical hold 1 week after I brought the clearance then was told I can’t take the December class cause it was too late I called back then when in the for final processing then I was told my name was off the list I restore my name cause they said there was suppose to be another in January which is now then I called back a few days ago an was told probably I get a class maybe in March. Right now I’m looking into other options. Just Incase they don’t call back.
  4. I’ll call Monday an see what they said an what class I’m going to be in.
  5. No not yet I was on hold brought the clearance 3 weeks ago waiting to be scheduled for a class. It should be next week or so I called an the lady who do the class said I should call Monday.
  6. Good day does anyone know the number for HR. They told me to give them a call an no one answering.
  7. It go good didn’t know they would do another drug test since we had done one before. But I guess as someone said it’s MTA they do what they want. Hope this is it though an we get in fully now.
  8. Anyone know if i should take the brown envelope with me.
  9. Yea one of my friend that’s in power told me that I’m in after this one so I’m good. Also @Richie95 so you there.
  10. Receive a letter in the mail Yesterday for another drug test.
  11. good day to all. did anyone receive a call back from mta earlier in the post someone say they was going to call people for the September class.
  12. You still have a little wait cause they currently calling people from the previous exam 8611. They basically just start calling people from that exam. I’m from 8611 an still waiting for a call back.
  13. No call on this side yet probably starting next month they will call. It’s good to know though I still have hopes in getting call soon. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Good day all how you guys doing. How’s the job going for you guys. Hope all is well. Did is anyone else receive a call recently. Like July August.
  15. No. Well I didn’t yet I know it’s coming sooner than later. Think we’ll get call early August.
  16. What’s up guys how you all doing on the training. Hope all is well an you guys really like what you doing. Any update you guys want to share. About being on the job for 2 weeks. Also is there any talks about when the next set of calls would be made. Congratulation to you guys for making it to week 2.
  17. A complete week as ended what’s new to share with us on the outside. How was you guys first week of training. You guys heard anything about when the next test will be. I feel like in August we might get call.
  18. @Sam26Ok kool. I hope I get called in for the next batch of call thats going to be made. You guys keep enjoying you’ll selves an keep us posted. Happy for you guys.
  19. Guess nobody new receive any call since the last batch of calls were made like 2 weeks ago. just want to say congrats to all who's going in tomorrow for training. you guys are to lucky few who get to start early. just keep us all update about the process an if you hear anything about when will next set of call will be made will be appreciated. enjoy guys.

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