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  1. I will start training on 4/29th at zerega avenue. Can someone give me more information? I'm told to be there at 7am but I do not know how long class is each day. Does class end differently each day? Am I allowed to park inside the building? Any insight into the training would help a lot. I'm hired as MTA bus driver however I paid to take the NYCTA exam and hope to switch over one day. How difficult would it be to switch? With my current job I am already invested into NYCERS but it appears I have to be under the NYCTA side to continue investing. What exactly is the key difference between NYCTA, MTA and MABSTOA? After training what borough could I be placed in?
  2. Hi, It's exam 7300. I actually got an email to come in tomorrow. But its such bad timing since I'm mandatory for me to work tonight whenever their is snow. Thinking of recheduling.
  3. Hi, Wanted to know more about MTA Bus Operator TWU 100 (Fulltime). I've been called in where I submitted my paperwork and did the drug test. I was there since 7am for the 730am appointment. The number was random and I ended up being the last person leaving the building around 520pm. Wanted to know what's next? I'm assuming during the drug test analyst they will conduct the background check then contact me. But any insight into the highering process would be helpful. Though I was curious how does Mabstoa or NYCTA compare? Currently, this is the only bus operator list position I'm on. I do have my CDL class B with passenger and school bus endorcement. I past my roadtest last year. But haven't used my license at all since then. I already work for NYC and wanted to know if what I have now would carry over easily. I've been putting a lot of my money into the nyc.gov/deferredcomp 457k plan and was hoping to continue with it. I've also invested slight under 2yrs with Nycers. Does my 2yrs with a different city agency transfer over? Where is training and how long does that last? How frequently will someone;s route and shift change? I live on Staten Island, what is the likelyhood that I can receive a route in the borough that I live in? I;m usually okay with directions but I like to have the gps on standby mode cause I like to see what the streets names are in advance. Are gps not allowed? I actually find them helpful and setting up the via points to match the bus route won't be hard at all. How is vacation and holiday pay set up? Can I choose to work on a day off adn use that day towards vacation time? And how long can that vacation time last? In my current job as long as you have time you can take off as long as you want. Like if I volunteer for 20 days I can redeem if for a month off. Is MTA set up like that as well? I was goign to take some continuing adult education classes before I was told to come in. Is it easy to be fired from MTA? What happens if I get into a minor accident with the bus? Im a careful driver but if that does happened are you easily fired? Thanks.

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