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  1. This seems to be the only plausible explanation at this point. I couldn't get any further information from the employment center. I heard about the hiring freeze too from a NYCT employee. But isn't there a state law that requires state/city agencies to replace provisional workers once a list for a position has been established? Now I have no idea about the required time frame mandated by the law. And a hiring freeze will indeed hinder the hiring of new nonessential employees. But IMO if that law does exist, MTA is bound to replace the provisional employees off the list at some point in future.
  2. On NYC open data, 3 new certification lists have been added with some variation. Here is the summary of new lists: Cert Issue No. List starts @ List ends @ Cert Date Cert Expiration Date No. Certified No. Requested Provisional Replacement No Vacancies Salary 69658 28.5 468 3/5/19 4/4/19 92 100 N 100 49055 69659 152 462 3/5/19 4/4/19 9 100 N 100 46225 69660 66 449 3/5/19 4/4/19 54 100 Y 100 46225 Some from the second certification list (69446) are absent in the new lists. I really don't know what to interpret from these new lists. I hope +Young+ or Alucard can provide some insight regarding this issue. Did anyone get the letter for the 2nd batch interview?
  3. Alucard, Thank you for the thorough response. I can understand why so many people eventually give up on mta or city jobs. I guess at this point we don't have any choices other than waiting. I'll certainly post here if I get the letter and share my experience.
  4. Do you remember how many days of difference there were between the date the letter was sent and the date you actually got the letter? The reason I'm asking this because I'm hoping to get called for the second batch interview. It seemed strange to me that they called the first batch after the expiration of the certification list. Besides, can you shed some light on the activities at the employment center? Was it paperwork only or did you go through interview as well? If yes,was it a panel interview? I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this thread. It's hard to find info on MTA hiring process let alone find info on a particular exam. This is a great example of community blogging. Keep up the good work people.
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