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  1. We definitely haven't seen the last of CRRC, though. They are aggressively entering the North American market with all the Boston cars as well as multilevels for both Philadelphia and Montreal, and the Chinese government is continuing to subsidize them so they can underbid competitors. I'm in agreement that Siemens should consider a bid, and the MTA should give them due consideration. Even if Alstom or Kawasaki win in the end based on track record, it might keep numbers in check. Plus, we have to consider the possibility that with such a massive order for the R211, it might be split into between two companies.
  2. I can't imagine this exam's final results will take nearly that wrong - after all, they were pretty quick with the proposed answers and protest session date (right?). And both of the exams you cited had over 8000 takers, as opposed to the several hundreds who took this one. Maybe 6 months maximum? Or am I being overoptimistic.
  3. Congrats to you both for passing! I got 4 wrong, so 95%. Hoping there are not too many veterans/other add-ons to people's scores lol.
  4. Finally back; decided to do some city exploration after the exam! I got there around 9:10 am, and I think I also ended up in Room 208 (seat 32)! I was I think the third or fourth person to finish in that room. Sea foam green "NYC" shirt with glasses and cargo shorts. But I can totally understand those who spent the full 4 hours on it or close to that; I feel lucky to be fresh out of college and still used to taking exams in recent memory. Overall, I feel very comfortable about the math questions, except for one or two that had some wiggle room - one of those was the question about calculating pension benefits for the track worker; on my third attempt I got an answer that was a choice so I just went with that... Same deal with grammar/sentences/paragraph questions - most of them had an obviously correct answer to me. I agree Amtrak7 - the "supervisor interaction" ones were so dumb and in my opinion for most of those the "correct" procedure wasn't even listed because obviously you're dealing with human beings not robots, and so many responses are dependent myriad other factors besides those a test question could describe. Aside from some minor concern about those more subjective-type questions, I felt pretty comfortable with my work on the exam as a whole - one question I'm still wondering about is the one where a passenger is injured on a platform; what do you do... was between two responses for that. If I think of any others to wonder about, I'll post here.
  5. Got mine as well! And thank you for all the information. I'm excited but also nervous that it will take another year to even have the list established, let alone go through the process to get a position...
  6. Yup, after working with the passbook and getting to my 10th question about using a typewriter, I'm beginning to realize that... Good idea to focus on the Notice of Examination's description. The 15th should be a fun day!
  7. I also got mine for Hunter College! See you guys then! What are you guys doing to prepare for the exam? I ordered and am working through the Passbook from the Career Examination Series, but I'm not quite sure how accurately it covers the stated test topics... it is very comprehensive and difficult which is good, but some parts seem pretty dated (e.g. many questions about filing without mentioning computers) and it asks questions about aspects of management science that I doubt would be on the test in such detail. Two more things I'm curious about: Are they serious about the "no cell phones allowed at all" policy, even if it's turned off? And how many people might you guys guesstimate to be taking the exam in total?
  8. I had actually been put in contact with someone from HR to explore opportunities out of university, and I was directed to this exam. Also, they had modified the original instructions to allow for those who will have their degrees not just by the February registration date but by the July exam date to take the exam. Which to me seemed to indicate they might be interested in seeing how new grads do, but who knows. So I'm at least a bit hopeful, as long as scoring and calling from the list doesn't take too long after the exam!
  9. Dear Forum Members, I have paid my application fee and am planning to take the exam for NYC Transit Management Analyst Trainee (Exam #7606) this July 2017. I have not seen this particular exam and its process mentioned much on the forum. Does anyone know what should I be expecting, in terms of the exam itself and the process to follow? In particular, I am wondering how long it would likely take for this exam to be scored and for NYCTA to start calling people from the list. After that, I am wondering how people are sorted into positions, considering the general title of "Transit Management Analyst Trainee" covers a wide variety of different possibilities, of which any applicant, such as myself, will likely be a better fit for some positions more than others. Any info would be super helpful, I can't seem to find much. Also, is anyone else on here planning to take this exam? We can use this thread as a hub to discuss the process as we head towards the exam date and beyond! Thanks in advance!!

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