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  1. Starlight... is there a way to find out if the MTA is extending the previous List for one more year?
  2. Based on previous exams my guess is that the List won't be established for another 2 - 4 years. The last TPPA test was held in May of 2012 and the List wasn't established until July 22nd of 2015. I hope this is not the case.
  3. Starlight how did you find out the old list expires July of 2019?
  4. That's interesting and makes sense...going through all those Resumes would take forever. I didn't check my answers because I want to be surprised when the letters go out. What did you think of the first 10 questions ? Where we had to memorize that picture.
  5. Thanks, I took the Train Operator and TTPA tests. If they are not viewing our Resume and Cover Letter how do they give list numbers if multiple people get the same test score?
  6. Hello, did you guys have to submit a resume and cover letter for this position?

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