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  1. Man that's crazy you make that type of money at a hotel. I would stay put. Hotel life is probably 100000x better than transit life. Can you go back if you quit?
  2. So many people bought a Kaka bag for no reason, because they don't enforce that rule. Most people continued to come in backbags just as long as they have the handle to hold them with your hands (you can't wear them while walking in the tunnels or elevated structure).
  3. You need to go to the dispatcher and sign out first. Unless the run you have is over 8 hours, then you could just leave.
  4. In my honest opinion, I would go with A division.
  5. My opinion: if you live in Brooklyn or Queens, pick B divion. If you live in the Bronx, Westchester/upstate, CT, etc, pick A division. From experience, they try to keep you as close to your house as possible (not sure how true this is for everyone else, just my experience). In the A, my classmates and I all get put on the 1 or the 6. I wouldn't worry at all about the number of lines in each division. Pick whichever is closer to your home. Especially considering the crazy schedule you'll have to work your first year.
  6. Unlikely he/she gets called unless they extend the list like they did with the previous one. Hopefully they do because so many people took this exam. Would be a shame to see people score so high and not get hired. If they do extend, maybe in 7-8 years? Just a guess. They reached pretty high on the previous list.
  7. You can use them whenever you want. You just should only use your SICK days when you're actually sick or have a real family emergency (with doctors lines). Not call out sick to stay home and watch the Super Bowl, or go to the pool on Sunday with the family. I know in other workplaces that's okay, but understand that because of the nature of this job, you should only call out sick when necessary. Also, please: if you're actually sick, definitely stay home. Go get some quick doctors lines. Your health is a lot more important than this job. As for probation, you are on probation for 1 year beginning on your induction date. TWU presence in the MTA? Not in RTO. Only around election time and when its time to pick. Always keep union numbers on you incase you need them though.
  8. While in probation, you get 1 day per month. After 1 year, its 12 days per year. As for using them, yes you can use them whenever you want. However, they are strict and will observe any funny pattern. So say for instance, as you said, calling out sick on a snow storm day. Or calling out sick on Super Bowl Sunday. Or calling out sick the day after your weekend. They will pay attention to when you're calling out and how often. If they feel you are abusing, they will put you on Sick Control. That's when you need to always bring in doctors lines, and are subject to them coming to your house to check you.
  9. Well there's ALWAYS public transportation, unless there's extreme circumstances. In that case, you MUST give your MAX effort to report to your nearest terminal or bus depot. So lets say you take the 3 train out of New Lots to get to work, you must get to the New Lots dispatcher, call the crew office and let them know there are no 3 trains running. Again, thats assuming an extreme circumstance in which there are no buses, no railroads, etc. You can't just stay home and make the excuse. You must report to work. Also, there are sometimes light trains that are picking up employees.
  10. Oh yeah well at $95k definitely. I'm just saying for regular folks, who are 30 or under, making $30k-$60k, definitely take transit for the pension and growth opportunities. I don't encourage anybody making big money to leave their job unless they are miserable or have no security.
  11. Feels like the opposite. If you're young, the pension should be the reason why you take the job. Coming to transit to do 10 years and out isnt worth it, not if you make a good salary. Its only worth it if you can do the 25 years.
  12. I would definitely stay put then. You said hotel right? Quality of life sounds so much better than transit.
  13. I think you should stay put. Invest the difference in pay into a 401k (if it's offered at your job) or a roth IRA (if your job doesn't offer 401k). I say this assuming your current quality of life now is much better than it will be at transit for the 1st few years.

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