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  1. GD day to one and all are there any end of week information anyone will like to share on there second week as they going to approach there third week of training thank in advance
  2. Okay maxFever thank for the info ...... I will like to ask you how you know all this information about the job not by asking questions yes or no ????
  3. Thanks Sam26 for that clarity is it safe to say that this is the last set of exam 2017 getting called or this class come like, or is a promotional class form them ???? Jus ask if you Kno all this information....... thanks again in advance
  4. Thanks again sam26 ..... when you say 5 ppl from exam 2018 do mean exam 8611 TEH ?????
  5. Anymore update ......any information anybody will like to share
  6. Thanks again GerardL.......and keep the updates coming ..... thanks in advance
  7. So how much person per class if you and long the training going for ???
  8. GD day.... all the best to those who did exam 8611 and starting classes and training on Monday 15th July 2019 good luck and keep us posted how things are going thank in advance for your assistance
  9. GD day..... no information on classes or training yet ??????
  10. Blessed morning ...... Anyone who recently get employment from exam 8611 will like to share any information on how the classes or the training going thus far ..thanks in advance and have a blessed day to one and to all

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