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  1. Hi everyone. I am currently working for the department of transportation (State job) but fortunately was called by the long island rail road to go for the medical physical this tuesday coming while the hiring day will be may the 13th . Very happy about it!!! My question is, having worked for the DOT and saved many hours of vacation and sick days, I was wondering if those hours could be transfer to the new job lirr. Thank you very much in advance. Hope to hear from someone who could give me an experienced answer Max.
  2. Hard in wich way? What are mine responsibilities job? When I had my nys department of transportation interview there were 8 people asking me questions.
  3. Good evening. I am writing hoping someone could give me an answer. I had applied for Station Appearances Manteiner position some time ago. I found out later that my application was reviewed and passed the pre-screening . Last week I received the email from a lady who works at human resources saying that I have to be at the hillside support facility in Hollis for the interview on Feb 27. She also asked me to bring the filled out application with driver license. Having said that, how close am I to getting hired? With regards Max.
  4. Good morning to all. I hope I am writing this topic on the right page. I was told that at my age (52) the lirr do not hire reason why I wouldn't have time to built my retirement up to 62 yrs old. Is that true? Thank you I n advanced. Max.
  5. Am I still on time t o apply to this job? Please if someone knows anything t o let me know . Thanks.
  6. Yes I did Young and thank you . Extra info from someone who works as structure mainteiner painter would have been helpful. Good day!
  7. Good morning all. I have recently applied for the Structure Mainteiner - group G (painter) exam. It will starts February 19th 2020, I am posting this topic today hoping that someone could give any tips or info of how the practical skill test will be. I have few months to prepare myself, so I am asking if any good soul wil, be so nice to help me. Thousand of thanks. Max.
  8. Thank you very much for getting bach to me Young . I wil also be interested in station appearance mainteiner job. Anything as station cleaner, track worker or car cleaner that comes out first I will be ready to apply. The state unfortunately doesn't pay good being a high maintenance worker grade 8th, therefore I need to find a better job that makes me feel more stable financially. Hope to find some good in this forum for my future with mta. Thank you.
  9. Hi. Does anyone know if there is another track worker hiring job or test coming up. I am currently employed by the state as a grade 8th at department of trasportation in long island. Thanks. Max.
  10. Hi again jova42R. Thank you for getting back to me, as far as the forum I believe it helps lots of people in wanting to know more info about jobs ect. Once I apply to the job on line, what is coming after, how long does it take for lirr to contact me, for an interview or a test if there is one for. What do I have to expect from them? I will check the transit employment section on the forum. Thank again. Max.
  11. H I everyone. I am a. New member in this forum. Currently working for the state at DOT deparen't . Of trasportation. Looking to get hired by the long island rail road as a station appearance mainteiner. What are the chances to get hired by ?
  12. Hello. My name is Max and I am currently a nysdot employee. I have been very much Interested in a job for LIRR and I was wondering if there is any particular time of the year that lirr looks to hire as a station appearance mainteiner. I would appreciate if anyone could give me an answer. Thank you!
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