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  1. Understood. And thank you man, much appreciated
  2. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/a9md-ynri Jeez I wish I could insert screenshots on this thread. My name is ***, can someone please explain to me what it is tellling me And how to interpret the info. I want to stay on top of this but it says a certification is expiring 1/25/21. I just want to make sure my status remains eligible
  3. How can you call to check on the status of the list and your number?
  4. You guys training on the A line? That’s two days in a row in the afternoon the train was shut down. Just curious. Good luck to all of you thats made it/testing
  5. I was asking about NJ transit conductor but the test is over. I’ll wait for MTA, I’ve got a 2 year wait
  6. Jeez man! You just gave me so much hope! God bless you!
  7. Do you really think there’s a possibility I’ll get called in a year or two?
  8. Man you’re giving me hope. Lord knows I need it. My situation is so tough right now. God knows how much I need a break.
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