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  1. Next: The following incidents happen: Before the incidents, construction in Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge requires the eastbound or Queens-bound lanes to be closed. Then, a car crash at Williamsburg Bridge forces the bridge to be closed. A building collapses where Hugh L. Carey Tunnel meets West Street. Because of that, the area shown below has been closed. Reroute: 1. Q32/60/101 eastbound and literally most if not all the Queens-Manhattan express buses 2. B39 3. BM1/2/3/4, SIM1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10/11/15/31/32/33/34/35, X27/37/28/38
  2. Initial via 6 Avenue and 63rd via 63rd 1. via Broadway to Whitehall via 8 Avenue Exp and Culver Exp 36 - Coney Island via Crosstown 2. no service between Jackson Heights and Whitehall local in Queens Jackson Heights - 34 via 63rd no service between Whitehall and 57/7 no service between Prospect Park and 57/7 no service between 59 and Whitehall Final no service between Jackson Heights and Whitehall 205 - Coney Island via 8 Av Exp and Culver Exp 36 - Coney Island 179 - Coney Island via Queens Blvd Lcl and Crosstown Jackson Heights - 34 via 63rd Whitehall - Coney Island and 57/7 - Astoria-Ditmars Prospect Park - Coney Island and 57/7 - 96/2 59 - 95
  3. Bedford Park/145 - Prospect Park 96 - Prospect Park and Kings Hwy - Coney Island 241 - South Ferry, local 96-Chambers and Atlantic - Flatbush 148 - Chambers Woodlawn - 42 and Wall - New Lots, local Dyre - E 180 Pelham Bay Park - 42 suspended
  4. via 63 northbound and 53 southbound suspended 205 - W 4 and 96 - Coney Island Metropolitan - Chambers 59-Lex - Coney Island and Astoria-Ditmars - Queensboro Plaza via 60 northbound and 63 southbound suspended 241 - Wall and Atlantic-Barclays - Flatbush 148 - South Ferry and Atlantic-Barclays - New Lots Woodlawn - Bowling Green Dyre - E 180
  5. 207 - 125 and Utica - Lefferts / Rockaways, local suspended Court Sq - World Trade Center and 71 Ave - Jamaica Center suspended 205 - 125 and 36 - Coney Island via West End 21-Queensbridge - 2 Av/York Metropolitan Ave - Chambers St Astoria - Jay, local and 36 - Coney Island via Sea Beach 96 - Whitehall, local and Prospect Park - Coney Island 95 - 59 suspended, take instead 242 - 96, express 96-137 northbound 241 - 96 and Eastern Parkway - Flatbush Ave 148 - 135 Woodlawn - Bowling Green and Eastern Parkway - New Lots Ave Dyre - Bowling Green Queensboro Plaza - 34 and 111 - Main suspended
  6. World Trade Center - 207, local suspended World Trade Center - Lex Av-53 suspended W 4 St - 205 2 Av - 21 St-Queensbridge suspended suspended Rockaway Park Shuttle - suspended Broad - Essex suspended suspended Whitehall - Lex Av-59, local Canal - 96, local suspended suspended Franklin Avenue Shuttle - suspended South Ferry - 242 Wall - 241, local 14 - 148 Bowling Green - Woodlawn, local E 180 - Dyre Brooklyn Bridge - Pelham Bay Park suspended suspended suspended Times Square Shuttle - runs overnight For service to Brooklyn or Queens, take buses. I can't count how much services I've suspended.
  7. 207 - 125, running local between 168 and 145, 59 - Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Utica - Lefferts/Rockaway Park/Far Rockaway, running local suspended suspended 205 - 125 and 59 - Coney Island 179 - Hoyt-Schermerhorn and 4 Av-9 St - Coney Island Court Sq -Bedford-Nostrand Avs. no service between Bedford-Nostrand and Church Broad - Broadway Junction. no service between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center suspended Rockaway Pkwy - Myrtle-Wyckoff. some trans terminate at Broadway Junction rerouted via / between Coney Island and DeKalb Av and Coney Island - Prospect Park South Ferry - 137 and Dyckman - 242, skipping 207 southbound via New Lots Av - 96 and 135 - 148 Brooklyn Bridge - 3 Av-138 and Parkchester - Pelham Bay Park suspended
  8. Next: Following a crash at 34 St, where a train crashed into an train due to a incorrectly set signal, and a derailment involving a southbound train derailed after running too fast at 14 St-Union Square due to a set of incorrectly set signals and ended up destroying the gap fillers, parts of the southbound platform and now all of the southbound platform is scattered with debris, and according to , this damage is going to take at least 2 years, which is the estimated time for replacements for gap fillers, repairing the platform and the affected train. Because of that, the southbound platform can't be used. Luckily, both express tracks will be reverse-signaled from 125 St to Borough Hall as part of the signal modernization project. Because of that, immediately ordered a signal modernization project to replace the antiquated signals with modern signals and CBTC, which is going to take at least 2 years, on weekday nights and weekends. This is the plan: Year 1 8th Avenue from Jay Street to 59 Street Lexington Avenue from 125 Street to Bowling Green Broadway from DeKalb Avenue to 59 St-Lex Ave Year 2 8th Avenue from 59 St-8 Ave to 207 St 7th Avenue from South Ferry/Clark Street to 137 St 6th Avenue from 57 St-6 Ave/59 St-8 Ave to Jay St Reroute.
  9. 181 - Lefferts / Rockaway Park / Far Rockaway. Some trains end at 168 St Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 181 St. For service to 190 St, take M4 to Fort Washington Avenue and Cabrini Boulevard. For service to Dyckman St or 207 St, take Bx7 at 168 St. Coney Island - 96/2, skipping 49 in both directions and Queensboro Plaza - Astoria-Ditmars via 63rd suspended For service to 5 Av, walk to 57 St . For service to Lexington Av, take to Lexington Av/63 St and walk. For service between Manhattan and Queens, use . Transfer between and at Times Sq-42 St, Queensboro Plaza or 74 St. 215 / Dyckman - 14 runs local between 42 and Chambers see Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 14 St. For service between Manhattan and Bronx, use shuttle buses. For service to Christopher St, Houston St, Canal St, Franklin St or Chambers St, use at 14 St or 42 St. For service to Cortlandt St, Rector St or South Ferry, use nearby Cortlandt St, Rector St and Whitehall St stations. Transfer between and at 42 St. Bx7, Bx20 and BxM1 are being rerouted via Henry Hudson Bridge. Bx7 To Riverdale/263 St: Normal route, turn left to Riverside Drive, enter Henry Hudson on right, exit right to Kappock Street, continue to Johnson Avenue, straight to Irwin Avenue, straight to Riverdale Avenue and then regular route To Washington Heights/168 St: Normal route, continue straight into Henry Hudson Parkway West, enter Henry Hudson at West 231 Street, exit Henry Hudson and enter Dyckman Street on left, turn right to Seaman Avenue, then left to Riverside Drive, right to Broadway, then regular route Bx20 To Riverdale/246 St: Leave terminal, straight, right to Riverside Drive, and follow Bx7, except you leave Henry Hudson at West 231 Street To Inwood/207 St: Regular route, then enter Henry Hudson at West 231 Street, and follow Bx7's route, then left to Broadway and terminate BxM1 To Riverdale/263 St: Regular route, then left to Riverside Dr, then follow Bx20's reroute, then regular route To East Midtown/34 St: Regular route, then via Major Deegan Expressway, then regular route Woodlawn - 86 Dyre - East 180 Pelham Bay Park - 86 suspended Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 86 St. For service to 77 St, 68 St, 59 St, 51 St or 42 St, use M101, M102 or M103. For service to 33 St, 28 St or 23 St, use M1, M2 or M3 for northbound or M101, M102 or M103 for southbound. For service to 14 St, Astor Pl, Bleecker St or Spring St, use M55 or take nearby at Lexington Av/63 St. For service to Canal St, Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Fulton St, Wall St or Bowling Green, use M55 or M103. For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, use instead. Take crosstown buses, which connect with .
  10. (sorry for double post) Depending on where the train got stuck... unaffected or via express to New Lots runs express from Atlantic to Utica unaffected unaffected or no service between Bowling Green and Flatbush via 53rd runs to Broadway Junction and via 63rd suspended between Crescent and 121 or Jamaica Center suspended rerouted via 63rd between 36 - 57-7
  11. 242 - 96, runs express northbound from 96 to 137 and Chambers - South Ferry 241 - 110 and Chambers - Flatbush suspended Woodlawn - 42 and Wall - New Lots Dyre - East 180 Pelham Bay Park - 42 207 - 125, skipping 135 northbound and 59 - Lefferts or Rockaways Chambers - Euclid suspended 205 - 125, skipping 135 southbound and 59 - Coney Island Bowery or Essex - Jamaica Center suspended Rerouted via Bridge in both directions Astoria - Canal
  12. Next: A water main break happens at 6 Av & 26 St. It's 6:45 AM and rush hour is about to start. Reroute: and PATH.
  13. This is a difficult scenario...but at least via and between 59 St and Jay St and stops at Spring Street in both directions. Local during late nights suspended suspended West 4 St - Norwood-205 and Coney Island - Atlantic-Barclays, running express at all times World Trade Center - Court Square via 6th Ave and Roosevelt Avenue - Jamaica Center, running local Coney Island - 21 St-Queensbridge and Forest Hills - Jamaica-179, running local Metropolitan Ave - Chambers St Coney Island - 36 St via 4 Av Local and Jay St - Astoria-Ditmars via Broadway Local Whitehall - 96 St via Broadway Local and Coney Island - Prospect Park 95 St to 59 St ONLY! suspended 241 St - Eastern Parkway 148 St - South Ferry and Utica Ave - New Lots Av Woodlawn - Atlantic-Barclays Dyre - Bowling Green
  14. runs local between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Euclid Avenue in both directions suspended no service between Canal Street and Euclid Avenue. Trains run between 168th St and World Trade Center only Norwood-205 St - 34 St Atlantic-Barclays - Coney Island, running express at all times runs via between Jay Street and West 4 Street in both directions no service between Marcy Avenue and Broad Street. no service between Bedford Avenue and 8 Avenue shuttle between Metropolitan Avenue and Myrtle Avenue at all times West 4 Street to 71 Avenue no service between 42 St and Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall / Wall St no service between E 180 St and Flatbush Ave no service between 42 St and Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall
  15. No service between Jay Street / Chambers Street and Utica Avenue. trains are running in 2 sections: 207 St - Chambers Street / Jay Street, express and Utica Avenue - Lefferts Blvd / Far Rockaway / Rockaway Park No service between Canal Street and Euclid Avenue. Trains run between 168 St and World Trade Center only. runs express between Jay Street and Church Avenue in both directions no service between Bedford-Nostrand Avenues and Church Avenue. Stops on the Manhattan-bound platform at Queensboro Plaza. In case of delays, some trains run via from 34 St to 96 St, skipping 49 St. suspended No service between Chambers Street or Wall Street and Flatbush Avenue. Some trains run via between 149 St and Nevins Street. via from Chambers Street to South Ferry, where they end. No service between Chambers Street and New Lots Avenue. Local between Nevins Street and Utica Avenue, then via to New Lots Avenue. Local between Nevins Street and Franklin Avenue Stops on Manhattan-bound platform at Court Square and Queensboro Plaza. Some trains turn around at 74 St. suspended
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