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  1. Just want to give a big thank you to all MTA workers still working through this pandemic and give condolences to all who lost their lives. Be safe everyone, and God bless
  2. Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated!
  3. Great information all around. I was reading up on the specialist picks and the qualifications Here. Just need some more clarification if anyone can provide. I understand that you must go through 'dual rate' first before you can land specialist job. In order to.land the dual rate positions, do you need a certification that is associated with the position or does the MTA provide the training/costs for the certification?. Example, should I get my welding certification first before applying or does the mta provide the training? Thanks in advance to all responses !
  4. Awesome information. Thank you
  5. I have been trying to guess about list numbers, time frame to employment, etc.. there is just no way to answer that with confidence. Many people dont accept job, fail screening or for other reasons dont make it regardless of list #. Now with everything that is happening with the job layoffs, it's even harder. Might move slower , might move faster. I wish I knew too. My guess would be any # from 1 - 500 might be called this year. Maybe another 500- 600 next year. I think its possible to reach the higher thousands in about 3 - 4 yrs. They might even extend this list like they did the prior one. Have hope
  6. While we all wait for any new updates, can anyone explain the difference between titles track worker, track worker specialist, track worker 01-f, track worker (a) ? Just any info regarding the titles, pay scale, responsibilities and career path. Thx
  7. Any thoughts on the news that MTA looking to cut over 1000 jobs ? How do you think we will be affected?
  8. Thanks for response . Just good to get info and make realistic expectations about the job. Thx again.
  9. Can any track workers share any info regarding typical pay. I know currently it is 22 /hr 1st year, and goes up for 4 yrs. Just some basic info like, average hours a week, lowest pay check / highest pay check. Is pay day biweekly / weekly. Just some basic info like that, help determine where I would like to relocate and what to expect regarding pay. NY is an expensive town to live in. Any information like that would be appreciated. Thx
  10. Create a login and register with the DCAS, email: examsunit@nyct.com - explain address situation and include: exam # (8600) , name, new and old address and last 4 digits of SS#, call and confirm/explain situation. I did all of these things and now hopefully wait for results/ response. Last option is to go down to 1 Centre Street and fix in person. I'm currently out of state and cant go in person till mid March. I had called and spoke with someone in Transit who gave me all this information. Hope it worked and hope it helps you. Keep posting new information
  11. Any updates / news after the results were delivered. Took me 2 weeks to get the address situation fixed. I have my fingers crossed it is resolved. Just curious if anyone has updates. Thx
  12. I had contacted the MTA employment center and they said the only way to update my address was to go in person. I had updated my address in the DCAS online. I still haven't received my test results or any notice from MTA. I'm currently out of state , is there any other way I can have my address updated to ensure I receive all future employment mail ? I'm ranked in the high 700's and worried if this isn't resolved, I will lose my employment chance.
  13. I received a email from DCAS confirming address change I submitted. Hopefully I receive the exam results notice and all subsequent mail. They did inform to contact the MTA as well to update. Other than make time to call them between 11-4 which I haven't been able to due to work, is there a way to submit address change online? If not I'll wIt till Monday and somehow make time.
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