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  1. Hope everyone is safe.. Any trackworkers have any inside information or hear any rumors as to when hiring could start? I know.things are crazy and alot of things are happening, just looking for something to be optimistic about fpr.next year.
  2. Is there anyone that I can talk to regarding address change?. I have filled out forms and sent them to DCAS, I followed the correct procedure from the exam notice itself. Its has been months and I was wondering why I have not received the score/list number letter. I just want to see if their is why I can call and find out what address they have on file. Im currently out of state for work and can't go down to the office. Any information would be appreciated. I just don't want to miss the employment packet / employment letter when the list begins to move. Thx
  3. Was the wait worth it ? With the way things are , sometimes other opportunities may present themselves or different career paths. Im sure that can happen with many of us, from your perspective, is the wait worth it?
  4. Hope so, just stay healthy and safe.
  5. Thx. Appreciate the feedback
  6. I'm listed in the high 700's.. if it weren't for the pandemic, what would you estimate as a time frame.for being called ? Is it worth waiting or pursuing a other career?
  7. I have a few if you questions if you don't mind: 1. When there wasn't a pandemic, how much work was available? Overtime? 2. Do you stay on jobs from beginning to end or are you reporting to a different site daily? 3. Which task you find more enjoyable as opposed to task you hate? Thanks for feedback
  8. I imagine the hiring process will be slow, small amount of people at a time. Also depends on how much and fast next wave of covid spreads during the opening of the state.
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on how long until the list begins to move or is it on hold indefinitely for the remainder of year?. Hope everyone is safe.
  10. Just want to give a big thank you to all MTA workers still working through this pandemic and give condolences to all who lost their lives. Be safe everyone, and God bless
  11. Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated!
  12. Great information all around. I was reading up on the specialist picks and the qualifications Here. Just need some more clarification if anyone can provide. I understand that you must go through 'dual rate' first before you can land specialist job. In order to.land the dual rate positions, do you need a certification that is associated with the position or does the MTA provide the training/costs for the certification?. Example, should I get my welding certification first before applying or does the mta provide the training? Thanks in advance to all responses !
  13. Awesome information. Thank you
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