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  1. Thanks I call Livingston and see if someone can direct me.
  2. @Queensqueens111 I recently just bought a house and moved from my old address. What do I have to do to get in touch with them to give them an updated address?
  3. @Queensqueens111 so they should be hiring about that amount this year?
  4. Absolutely np. My apologies. I’m new to this so yes I will be more mindful of things like that.
  5. Is it hidden or can you still see it? When I’m looking at it, it says 24**
  6. Keep me posted. I’ll be following this forum from now on.
  7. Thank you for all the info. Appreciate that... @Queensqueens111
  8. Woooooo. Hey it is what it is then as long as I get in. I have nothing but time. Just stay at my job until I get called. What happens when it expires tho? Cuz it said it will be active from 2020-2024. Will they still call or no?
  9. @Queensqueens111 thanks I appreciate it!!! I just paid judgements against me and I don’t think I have any tickets bc I think they got dropped when I went to college. If you get my drift lol. But I appreciate the info. And I’m number 24** on the list so I think you said more than 2yrs to get called. So maybe 3yrs you think?
  10. Thank you man. Appreciate that.
  11. @premoCASINO718 so does that mean that I will need a license to get a position if I was offered one? Hope not bc it’s for a track worker. See if you could find out. If you don’t mind?
  12. Best of luck to you as well bro. Please keep us updated. Wish you the best when you get in there.
  13. Thank you @premoCASINO718 appreciate it
  14. I’m not here to judge anyone. So I don’t wanna be judged. I changed my life and that’s it. It’s nobody’s problem what I did in the past. Obviously we are all on here to better our lives. And I just wanna know what’s going on. I’m not the type to bother anybody. So I’m over it and I’m just here to stay in the know and inform and be informed.
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