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  1. after sending pre employment application with all documents.....do they confirm that they received??
  2. did anyone have problems with getting the signatures to stamp in pre employment pdf??
  3. If I understand correctly that is for Mta employees already and if you are not then leaving it blank would make sense....
  4. hello, it took about two weeks to get a response from dcas after emailing this email, certificationunit@dcas.nyc.gov. how long has it been?
  5. Is they another class for conductor being done? Or is the list being sended back to DCAS for no further processing?
  6. After months of trying to get answers....I called the employment center phone 347-643-8217 and got an answer and was referred to Ms. Olga. Ms. Olga is very nice lady but very busy and may not put up on the first call. Ms. Olga direct phone number is 347-643-8217. So I was told that I missed the pre employment application due date to submit. Well the best part is I never got the email with the application and check my email daily and just in case my spam to make sure I receive all the important emails. So now they is no vacancies and I may not be on the list anymore due to they passed my list number 20xx. I hope this help others in the struggle! God bless and stay healthy
  7. i called 347-643-7413 and asked for Ms. Olga and Ms. Rodriquez and the told me they never heard of them?
  8. I emailed Ms Emma Rivera two weeks ago and no response. I emailed Patricia Lodge last week and no response as well. i spoke to a person in Mta VP HR office 347-673-8320 and was told i would get a call back tha same day and didnt get a call back.
  9. Well, it seem i have been asked the question how do i know my list number has been skipped? who exactly is the contact person who can verify this and resolve? thank you in advance.
  10. hey guys , call office of presidents and was connected to HR VP Office. They took my info down and said they would forwards this info to the right place and should receive a call fairly soon! crossing my fingers this is true....
  11. So far I have received no response from any email I sent to all except the vice president....I will send to vp next, but not looking good. Is it really that hard to respond or forward to the right person??
  12. So it has been a few days now I call 180 and they gave me this email to write to employmentcenter@nyct.com. I have heard nothing and no contact person to reach out to....any help is appreciated, this feeling like a dead end?!
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