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  1. Is there anything I need to bring with me for the first day of school car the paper they gave me said no backpacks
  2. Ok so same signals just different definitions
  3. I’m interested in purchasing this book. But does any of the information in this book contradict anything taught in school car?
  4. Does it pay any different than revenue service
  5. Is that something they just randomly do? Do you have to apply for it or take a test?
  6. Ok, well I just got a pair of composite toe electrical hazard safe black red wing boots from my current job would those be acceptable. I ordered the safgard boots as well. And would a standard north face backpack be ok?
  7. What kind of back pack is acceptable for school car
  8. Yeah get the right one they’ll definitely give you a hard time.
  9. Are dark brown steel toes acceptable for train Operators
  10. Thanks. I know we’re not quite there yet but it’d be great if Mta could vaccinate everyone before starting class.
  11. I’m fully vaccinated, do they ask for proof beofre starting class?
  12. Any updates? Anyone heard anything?
  13. Send it to rtoemploymentoperations@nyct.com

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