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  1. Hello, I was sent some paperwork to fill out a week ago. I sent it back. Does this mean they are finally going to call me to start?
  2. So, I called again today and no reply. Email address says undeliverable. Any ideas ?
  3. I will take your advice. This is such a headache.
  4. Hi, I have been calling the employment center a few times now and have gotten through to them but I seem to get a run around. I am on exam 7105. I put it on hold because of school but now am looking to work. I spoke to someone just last week who told me to look for an email within the hour (that was about ten days ago). He said if not within the hour, then during the week in the coming days. I still have not received an email. I called again today maybe a total of six times. I was transferred to someone's voicemail who is in charge of hiring.

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