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  1. I forgot to add some of the transfers and the (P) and (Y) are local and the (O) and (X) are express.
  2. Extension New Stops 84 St & 4 Av 82 St & 4 Av 80 St & 4 Av 77 St & 4 Av 75 St & 4 Av 72 St & 4 Av Bay Ridge Av & 4 Av Senator St & 4 Av 65 St & 4 Av 62 St & 4 Av 60 St & 4 Av
  3. Navy Blue (O) Bronx Norwood - 205 St Bedford Park Blvd Kingsbridge Rd Fordham Rd 182-183 Sts Tremont Av (P) 174-175 Sts 170 St 167 St 161 St - Yankee Stadium Manhattan 142 St (P)(X)(Y) 125 St (P)(X)(Y) 110 St - Duke Ellington Cir (P)(X)(Y) 96 St (P)(X)(Y) 72 St/5 Av (P)(Y) Grand Army Sq (P)(Y) 5 Av/53 St (P)(Y) 14 St (P)(Y) Sullivan St W 4 St - Washington Sq
  4. The and are running on the Pelham Line from Longwood Av to 125 St. The runs on Nostrand from President St to Brooklyn College, before turning onto Flatbush Av to go to Kings Plaza. The runs express on Nostrand Av while the runs local, but after the turns onto Flatbush, the continues down Nostrand. Also Avenue E was just a central location by the shopping district there and I'm not the only one who put a station there. I think I would actually want to move the 10 Av station to 42 St now, and the could just go down Utica Av to Kings Plaza.
  5. Here's every IRT route on my map : 263 St - Broadway to South Ferry via Broadway Local, 7 Av Local, Greenwich St Local. : Wakefield - 241 St to Kings Plaza via White Plains Rd Local, Westchester Av/Southern Blvd Local, Lenox Av Local, Broadway Express, 7 Av Express, Eastern Pkwy Local, Nostrand Av Local, Flatbush Av Local. : Unchanged. : Woodlawn to New Lots Av via Jerome Av Local, Lexington Av/Park Av Express, Lafayette St Express, Eastern Pkwy Express. : Eastchester - Dyre Av to Brighton Beach via Esplanade Av Local, Westchester Av/Southern Blvd Local (Express during rush hours), Lexington Av/Park Av Express, Lafayette St Express, Eastern Pkwy Express, Upper Nostrand Av Express, Lower Nostrand Av Local, Manhattan Beach Local. : Unchanged. : Added 10 Av - 40 St Station. : Avenue E to Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall via Lafayette Av (Bronx) Local, Pelham Line Local, Lexington Av/Park Av Local and Lafayette St (Manhattan) Local. : Avenue E to South Ferry via Lafayette Av (Bronx) Express, Pelham Line Express, 125 St (IRT) Local, Broadway Local, 7 Av Local, Greenwich St Local.
  6. First Proposal Bring the to The Bronx. For some reason there are no transfers on the in The Bronx and having the intersect the at 138 St - 3 Av would be very efficient including a connection between the 2nd Av and Lexington Av lines. After 138 St - 3 Av it would continue to the and lines with a station at 143 St & 3 Av called 143 St - Mott Haven. This would give the 7th Av/Broadway and 2nd Av lines a connection. The would continue up 3rd Av until Fordham Plaza. Then it would turn onto Webster Av making stops until Gun Hill Rd. At Gun Hill Rd it would turn onto Gun Hill Rd and then meet with the and at Gun Hill Rd Station. New Stations 106 St at 106 St and 2 Av 116 St at 116 St and 2 Av 126 St at 126 St and 2 Av with connection to 125 St Station at 125 St and Lexington Av 143 St - Mott Haven at 143 St and 3 Av Melrose Commons at 156 St and 3 Av 161 St at 161 St and 3 Av 167 St at 167 St and 3 Av Claremont at Claremont Pkwy and 3 Av Cross Bronx at Cross Bronx Expy and 3 Av 180 St at 180 St and 3 Av Lorillard Pl at Lorillard Pl and 3 Av Fordham Plaza at Fordham Rd and 3 Av 197 St - Fordham University at 197 St and Webster Av Mosholu Pkwy at Mosholu Pkwy and Webster Av Parkside Pl at Parkside Pl and Webster Av 210 St at Gun Hill Rd and Webster Av Second Proposal Astoria Shore to Pelham Bay Line. The would need to be cut back for this one. The would be cut back to Lexington Av - 59 St to go into Queens a different way. It would have a stop at the Roosevelt Island Bridge and then it would go to 21 St and 30 Av for the next stop. Then it would go up 21 St to Ditmars Blvd where there would be a new shuttle connecting the two Ditmars Blvd stations. From there it would go into Hunts Point stopping at Tiffany St and then going across Oak Point Av. After Oak Point Av is finished it will then go on Randall Av to Castle Hill Av and then up Castle Hill Av to meet with the where it would terminate. New Stations Roosevelt Island Bridge at Main St and Roosevelt Island Bridge 30 Av at 30 Av and 21 St Hoyt Av at Hoyt Av and 21 St 23 Rd at 23 Rd and 21 St Ditmars Blvd - 21 St at Ditmars Blvd and 21 St 20 Av at 20 Av and 21 St Tiffany St at Tiffany St and Oak Point Av Longfellow Av - Whittier St at Oak Point Av between Longfellow Av and Whittier St Avenue E at Avenue E and Oak Point Av (There is an Avenue E in The Bronx you can search it on google maps) Soundview Av at Soundview Av between Randall Av and Lancombe Av Castle Hill-Randall Avs at Castle Hill Av and Randall Av Hermany Av at Hermany Av and Castle Hill Av Unionport at Haviland Av and Castle Hill Av

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