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  1. Hi Justin, today I picked division, but by the time they call my name just "A" was available (i was hoping to get "B") but no more "B' ...all the people before me were able to pick whatever they want, I don't know what criteria they used to make that list, I asked they told me seniority, list# etc, but I don't think I was one of the last guys in the list because my number, anyway living in long island now I have to travel all the way to the bronx ...this is my second day and did get charged for a ticket yet (knock on wood).
  2. Hi Guys, today was the first day of job for a few of Us, first at all, keep the good vibe, even was a lot of people around 200, not everyone was for train operator position, my guess is they will be still calling at the same pace, when i called few weeks ago i asked about my list# (149x) and they told me I have to wait 2 more weeks and they were calling 1445 at that time, so just ask what number they are calling at the moment. Anyway, the firs day is a presentation of every department who are involve in your title: human resources benefits union health etc... everybody was nice there and all the new employees very cool. also you will receive your MTA pass, you can ride all the subways and buses, in my case i take the LIRR, and somebody tipped me off and told me just to show the pass and as courtesy they won't charge you, i did it I say -hi how you doing, and the conductor for the LIRR, answer back like "approving" my pass, I heard sometimes they charge you anyway but worth to try, at the end we are MTA family...again good luck and keep POSITIVE!!
  3. 1-CPU questionary is before the medical examination, they give you a password you pick a computer and start checking the questionary 2- I dont know what do you mean by investigator
  4. well, once you receive your notification letter for the pre-interview you jump off your shoes, lol. I gonna teel you my case: I receive the letter late, meaning I live in Rockaway Beach lost everything by Sandy so when I open the mail box the citation was for the past friday, anyway I went to the appointment the right next monday and explain the situation, so first tip: if you are about to miss your appointment, call them, explain the situation and they may change your date. -Fill it up the booklet with you info: ---10 years address ---10 years job ---education don't leave any gap doesn't matter if you were homeless or unemployed just fill it up without gap. unemployment period you must explain how you support yourself, unemplyment benefits, family supported (thats the most used) put everything together, high school or college degree copy, my case foreign education I have the translation and certificated by an official entity, passport, drivers license, etc -Make it to the appointment (BE THERE EARLY) 30-45 minutes early, believe me you are gonna be grateful -front desk give u a number -go to the main waiting room, pay atenttion what the lady has to say, some instructions, easy stuff just pay attention, consider there are lot of people to deal with they are not in the best mood all the time so be ready, they gonna handle the 21 booklet to take it to your home and return it when they call you back (usually after one month or so) -fill it up some pages, asic info, return it to the lady and wait wait wait...the call you to get the 10 pages booklet, check it in front of you make a new file with your name, receive all the docs and put in the file, the gonna handle another piece of paper to give to the doctor in the drug test room...wait, wait ,and wait... - they call you in to take urine sample, they might ask you to strip, they are very anal about this, they don't touch the container or any other stuff, you will handle everything following their instructions. - return to front desk, gave back the paper signed by medical and go home. after one month and one week received the call: fill it up the 21 booklet, basically the same info from the first one but in details DON'T LEAVE ANY GAP. put everithing together - go to 180 livingston EARLY!!! -fill it up some forms -make a questionary in a computer, you have to check if you have asthma, surgeries, pain, bloor urine, back pain, etc regular questionary -go to examination: ----EKG: they will connect all those plugs and test your heart ----AUDIOMETRY: you will wear some headphones and a joystick/trigger, ehan you hear a sound just press the button, my case they went all the sound to the left ear first then the right one. ----VISION: look into a machine (with and without my lenses). first some circles with an aperture on one side (left, right, up, down) you have to tell where is the aperture. color blind test, some card multicolor with a different color in the middle forming a number. shape test, some cubes deifferent colors ----PHYSICAL: make you strip, they will give you those surgery aprons, they will go over the questionary you filled up in the computer, the, reflexes, squad, lift the arms, legs, cough, etc regular check up...wait until they give you the results "Q" qualified "N" no qualified . After that go to HR, they go over to your booklet, page by page word by word, check up all the papers, explain some administrative stuff, fill it up more form and...you are hired!!!!...good luck man, i think I dont forget anything and I hope this help, it did to me when Justin08 and catgombo told their experience or th info they were getting...see you GL!
  5. Both eyes at the same time, is a machine where you look through, something like this: http://www.bdlive.co.za/life/health/2012/12/07/medical-technology-automated-eye-testing-equipment-introduced you can wear your prescription lenses or whatever you need, I use corrective lenses and they tested me with and without them, and when they hire me they say I have to wear them all the time, tha's it, good luck man, be confident you gonna pass!
  6. hahahahha, good one....actually it made me feels good, she asking me to strip, lol
  7. yep, and im not that cute, lol, they gave me an "apron" you know the one they use in surgery with the back wide open, but with those movement, squad, arms, legs up, that dont cover much
  8. Yes, after that I went to another room with a Physician/psicolyst (just guessing) because she asked me about all the questions I checked in the computer (they will send you to fill it up a questionary in a computer about your health: diabetes, ashma, HBP, the regular questions, any surgery...etc) then she asked in person all those question looking at me directly to the eyes, and after that I had to strip just leaving me hust in underwear and she will check you out reflexes, listen the heart, lungs, gonna make you squad, raise arms, legs etc, nothing strange, regular check up
  9. Hi guys I went to medical the same date as Captgombo and I got the job also, list# 149x, D/T 9/9..get there early... is better. @pelham123: the eye exam is different from DMV, mine was some circles with one side open (up, bottom, righ, left) something like this: http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/21/3035124/zeiss-online-vision-test-celebrate-100-years-of-zeiss I was tested with and withouth my glasses, obviously withouth them I can see a sh... but they tested anyway, some colored cards with numbers in the same machine (color blind test), some cube shapes, the doctors are very nice people they talk to you very respectful. @trainman: about the EKG yes is the one with little stickies on your chest, side chest, ankle, it is fast, take more time to undress and dress back than the process itself. Guys ask whatever you want to know, that was very helpful for us before we went there, GL and keep the hopes up!!
  10. thank you very much, i'll be prepare, I appreciate it the time u took to explain it to us, thanks
  11. hey Justin, sorry to bother with questions, i dont know if somebody posted before, let me ask you, how's the process...you go to medical and after that? what are those classes you mentioned? what about the division A - B? if you can explain it to me would be great, thanks man!
  12. good man, congrats! this is very helpful because now we can have an idea what to expect when we go there, thanks. Hey guys! i just got a message from MTA i have to go October 16 for medical examination, i have list # 149x...keep waiting positive, they are still calling, i'll post what happend once i come back from there.
  13. wow, sorry I didnt read this one...thats great man!! cool!! good luck and please keep us posted, find out that day what number they are calling, thanks i'm glad for u man, it feels a little closer now
  14. Yes, it was very educated person., I didn't catch the name, I got the phone number from another forum. Thanks Justin08.

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