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  1. Nice work with the subway pics, Yuki.:tup:
  2. Thanks alot for sharing these bus pics, Yuki.:tup:
  3. Excellent pics with your dinner at a Japanese Resturant, Yuki.:tup:
  4. I love Peacon, Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin and Apple pie.
  5. The states that i have been to are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.
  6. I just wanted to ask, Has anyone here have been to other states in the US besides New York City?
  7. Those fares increasing like crazy could really cause a pain for railfanners, if they are poor and don't have a job for making money. If this problem continues i will just buy a car for driving and commuting, instead of having to use public transportation.
  8. No way, I don't want rob anyone on this thread. I am just asking this question to see where everyone is currently living today.:confused:
  9. I just want know, Does anyone here have a current location on where they are living today in New York City or in other states in the United States?
  10. Nice photos with the subway ads, Yuki.:tup:
  11. Excellent job with the photos and videos, Yuki.:tup:
  12. Excellent Job with the photos.:tup:
  13. I just want to ask, Does anybody here love to eat Chinese Food or at least intrested in tasting a type of Chinese Food they like?
  14. I just want to know, Does anyone here like eating in Fast Food Resturants in the United States or is intrested in trying to go out for any Fast Food out in the streets?
  15. The following schools that i have been to where PS 69Q, PS 122Q, IS 227Q, Flushing High School and William Cullen Bryant High School.
  16. The languages that i can speak are English, Japanese, Arabic. French and some Korean.
  17. Does anyone here have a certain language they speak or is intrested in speaking a different language with other people?
  18. Excellent pics with your oyster bay trip, Yuki.:tup:
  19. I think in my opinion that it is a good idea for Mayor Bloomberg to ban smoking, because it can save many people's lives from dying from cancer and many other diseases.
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