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  1. Nice work with the subway pics, Yuki.:tup:
  2. Thanks alot for sharing these bus pics, Yuki.:tup:
  3. Excellent pics with your dinner at a Japanese Resturant, Yuki.:tup:
  4. I love Peacon, Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin and Apple pie.
  5. The states that i have been to are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.
  6. I just wanted to ask, Has anyone here have been to other states in the US besides New York City?
  7. Those fares increasing like crazy could really cause a pain for railfanners, if they are poor and don't have a job for making money. If this problem continues i will just buy a car for driving and commuting, instead of having to use public transportation.
  8. No way, I don't want rob anyone on this thread. I am just asking this question to see where everyone is currently living today.:confused:
  9. I just want know, Does anyone here have a current location on where they are living today in New York City or in other states in the United States?
  10. Nice photos with the subway ads, Yuki.:tup:
  11. Excellent job with the photos and videos, Yuki.:tup:
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