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  1. No way, I don't want rob anyone on this thread. I am just asking this question to see where everyone is currently living today.:confused:
  2. I just want know, Does anyone here have a current location on where they are living today in New York City or in other states in the United States?
  3. Are you interested in Japanese hip-hop such as "nagareboshi-shooting stars" or Heartsdales

  4. Konichiwa Takuma Ishizeki, Hajimemashite. My name is Justin Shallimi or you can call me by my user name Railfaner100. I am just sending you this message because, I want to make a new friend and have someone to talk with about trains, buses, etc. I am looking forward in to developing a close friendship eventually with you.

  5. hi and welcome! i hope you'll enjoy your time here as many of us do!!!:) have a great time and a wonderful trip!!!

  6. You must be new. I am S78 via Hylan, sorry for the late welcome!

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