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  1. So I was "Transportation"-fanning in Washington, DC yesterday, and while I was about to get off the NABI 60-BRT on X2, I heard the same exact rear door announcement (same voice and style as well) as with MTA buses (like Orion VII and NovaBus LFS Articulated). I guess those voices are to be available nationwide, huh?. Now that bus's rear doors are completely operator-operated, meaning the doors open when operator "unlocks" rear door, so all I heard was "Doors opening" when doors start to open. And when the doors start to close, "Doors closing" announcement is played, but there was another alerter (2 Bings) when doors are closing. I have no clue on the rear door warning announcement (played when passenger gets too close to the doors) was because I was in the front of the bus and there is only 1 rear doorway. I got nothing to properly record this announcement, so no audio media, sorry.
  2. This post is for anyone who knows fleet assignments: With 3 M8 8-car trains in service as of now, I would like to know the current M8 assignments. PS: I saw gregorygrice's post of fleet assignments when there were two M8 8-car trains in service.
  3. ATS stands for "Automatic Train Supervision", not like "Automatic Train Stop" in Japan. When is the pilot 11-car R188 scheduled to arrive in the subway?
  4. Who wants to see R68A on , even though not assigned?
  5. A new assignment is sometimes too wild. How many times have under split Concourse and Coney Island in like last 25 years?
  6. According to this website here: http://www.thejoekorner.com/carassignments/bmt-ind-2011-06-26.html (Look at the bottom of this page) Coney Island Yard is operating AGAIN!!!:eek::tdown: (Though limited to 2 runs, while Concourse Yard handles the rest) Why is that? Can anyone explain?!? For railfans..., NO R68A are normally assigned to , BUT... after the assignment change in June, this might be another chance to maybe try to catch them on because they may use them as a replacement for shortage. If you see any R68 cars numbered between 2784 and 2915 on the , that is from Coney Island Yard. Just don't expect that you are going to see them a lot, because there are only 2 runs from Coney Island Yard.
  7. As someone posted this on other thread, next to receive these buses is an unknown garage that operates the former Morris County Metro routes.
  8. Orion VIII, huh? As I posted earlier, I would love to see that on M14A, but I don't think that is going to happen as of the beginning of production in 2014 or so. But if MTA did order them, I think they will be placed on M86, M101, M102, and M103 (100th St Depot) first, as M101, M102, and M103 are the only radial routes in Manhattan besides M15 that use articulated buses. Now if those are not going to be for BRT service, the center and rear doors should be the passenger-operated swing out doors.
  9. According to NJ Transit Source website, 5681-5700 is not listed on the assignment sheet. Could there be a chance that those are at Big Tree Garage, which the sheet does not list this garage, yet? Or, are there other reasons?
  10. I do not think that M8 trains will be assigned on weekend/holiday runs when these cars start revenue service. When R160 started revenue service (NOT revenue service during the 30-day test), these cars were only assigned on the weekday runs on the . Don't expect that they will run on weekend. They may, but just don't expect it.
  11. This is just what I think, and not really. I think S79 +Select Bus Service+ route should be designated as S99 +Select Bus Service+. The reason why that is what I think is because Staten Island routes have different route designation for Limited buses, right? It should be the same way for +Select Bus Service+ for Staten Island. But of course, it is up to MTA for choosing the designation for this route.
  12. I can't edit my post since I am using my cell phone, so I have to post a new one. Anyway, I saw 5672 on 712 and 5680 on 74 in Paterson.
  13. It appears that next NABI 416 is to Market St Garage. I saw 5672 and 5680 at Paterson today, so I am looking forward to ride it on 72 one day.
  14. I was on route 72 this afternoon, and while on my way to Paterson, I spotted 5639 in Newark, Not in Service. At this time, it was in NJT livery, but when this bus is ready for revenue service, it should be re-painted to Red and Tan Hudson County livery. But who knows? While it is most likely to (and should) be for R&T, it can be deferred, too. We will have to wait and see, right, guys?.
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