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  1. I just wanted to ask, Does anybody here have schools that they have been attending throughout their life time or goes to a school currently for studying such as a junior high school, high school or a college?
  2. Does anyone here enjoy playing video games or is intrested in a video game they like for a spare time hobby?
  3. It's not good to be such a wimp by crying in pain like you just said. If that was my mother i would punch her in the face and make her bleed by breaking her neck in public and will also spit in her face to make embrassed.:mad:
  4. Great work with the sign pics, Yuki.B):tup:
  5. Awesome photos.:tup: Was that your Iphone that you got these pictures from?
  6. No, they are now 5 Chinatowns in New York City. The 5 Chinatowns are Manhattan's Chinatown in Lower Manhattan, the Flushing Chinatown in Flushing, queens, the Brooklyn Chinatown in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the Elmhurst Chinatown in Elmhurst, Queens and the Avenue U Chinatown in Homecrest, Brooklyn.
  7. I just wanted to ask, Does anybody here have a favorite chinatown in New York City that they like to visit for eating, shopping and touring?
  8. I'm very sorry to hear that. I really wish the best luck for your father and your entire family. I know that your father is watching over you in the heavens, guiding you right in your side. Trust me, I know how you felt when this happened, but look on the bright side, even though your father passed away there will always be much better and peaceful times in your future and i know that your father's spirit will always follow you and guide you for your safety and protection. I wish you the greatest luck for you and let your father rest in peace in heaven with God, Jesus and the Angels in heaven.
  9. Shut the hell up, you stupid retarted robot from the kawasaki junkyard. Your ideas and opinions make no sense for us to understand and we don't care about your cohernt crooked english, just go back to school and learn how to master the american language, or otherwise don't even bother at all posting.
  10. You are still taking way too many photos. You need to choose your top 10 or 15 shots or add a link to your gallery, instead posting too much at the same thread.
  11. Seriously, that kid dosen't even know basic english grammer or dosen't make any sense at all when he is speaking. His english is like a dead zombie from the graveyard. I think he needs to go to a mentally retard school to practice the basic grammers of the english language, then rather running his mouth like a retarted robot from the kawasaki company plant.
  12. Hey, never heard of speaking proper english, because i can hardly understand what you write and it's nearly impossible for others to make sense of what your saying. you seriously need to learn proper grammer in english when you are writing sentences, or otherwise don't even bother posting because your english sucks ass.
  13. Just how stupid and idiotic can a person be nowadays. All you need to do is just reset your computer and find a local software thst gives you instant wireless network connection through the options mode from your laptop there you go, dumass.
  14. Awesome photos and videos.:tup:
  15. The only thing i can cook is Japanese food. I know how to make Chicken teriyaki, Beef teriyaki, Eel teriyaki and Shrimp teriyaki over steamed rice.
  16. I just wanted to ask, Does anybody know or is at least intrested in cooking food?
  17. Excellent work with the R68 shots on the , Matttrain.:tup:
  18. You seriously really really need to stop posting to much pics in one thread and also stop posting the same god dam pics more then once.
  19. You really need to reduce the amount of photos, by not taking the same pictures like 3 or 4 times.
  20. Try not to take the same photos more then one time, but still nice job with the R160 pics and vids.:tup:
  21. You sure have way too many photos there, but still good job though.
  22. Thank you. Like i said before, the don't give a dam shit, if you report or complain to them about something like that, they will just make you feel like a loser by either ignoring you or laughing right in front of your face.:mad:
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