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  1. I' ve only been to Osaka, Japan and Okinawa, Japan for vacation. Those are also my two favorite parts of Japan.:cool:
  2. Has anybody ever went to Japan for a Vacation or has at least lived in Japan as a citizen or as a foreginer in the country?
  3. Is anybody here intrested in Japanese music, like me?
  4. No, I am not racist, I just love Japanese music so much that i never have time to listen to any other kind of music.B)
  5. I love listening to Japanese music only. My Favorite Japanese music bands are HIGH and Mighty Color and Scandal.B)
  6. I was wondering if i should bring up this topic or not, but does anybody like listening to music or is intrested in famous actors, singers or bands?B)
  7. The cop also told me that photography on the Subway and Buses is illegal, but when i asked an MTA employee told he told me that it is okay. Who should i believe the cop or the MTA worker.:confused:
  8. So the whole point is that some cops can be jerks and a**holes and are sometimes not aware of the rules of photography in the subway.B)
  9. I am not causing any stress or problems, is that i hate when bad things and incidents always happening to me.B)
  10. What do you mean by that? Are still joking around or are you being serious this time?:confused:
  11. The reason why i take shit too serious is because i get abused alot by other peole and i never learned how to take a joke before in my life.:cry:
  12. Why are all you guys so mean and rude to me anyways? All i asked was for help, not be joked around with and made fun of.:cry:
  13. All of you guys better stop making fun of me and act more serious alright. I am here to get help from you guys, not to be judge and discriminated like a mother flower low class *******, okay.:mad:
  14. I already asked the cop for his badge and ID and he told me that it is none of my bussiness to see his ID or badge.:mad:
  15. I think those undercover cops are fraud and fake and are pretending to be police, do you think i should take them to court and file a hearing?:mad:
  16. Okay, if taking pics and videos is totally legel in the system, so how came these undercover cops keep on bullying me and harrasing me by saying there going to give a fine and arrest me?:mad:
  17. Seriously, The cops told me if they catch me taking pics on the subways again that they going to give me a ticket and arrest me.:cry:
  18. Are you sure about that, because the cop told me that now that the NYPD is becoming more strict with photography in the Subway and he said to me that it is illegal after the 9/11 terrorist attack.:confused:
  19. While i was taking pics on the Subways and Buses an undercover NYPD officer told me not to take any more photos on the Subways and Buses due the 9/11 terrorist attack and the cop thought that i was a terrorist attempting to blow up that Subway just for taking pics.:mad:
  20. I didn't kill him, i just f**ked him up so badly that i left him limping on his two feet and also i broke two of his front teeth when i gave him an iron fist right in his face.
  21. I even threated him by saying i going to stab him in his spinal cord the next time he takes things from me, because he pissed the f**king shit out of me when he took my belongings.:mad:
  22. Two days ago, i beat the shit out of my friend so badly that i broke his arm and i made him bleed to death from his mouth and i got the Metrocard by force when fighting him on the streets and i taught him a good lesson to not bully and steal from me anymore.
  23. They have been telling me that i need to fight or hurt my friend to get my stolen Metrocard back, do you think i should do that or just get the police.:cry:
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