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  1. Extending the N4 to Jones Beach would cause delays and interrupt service for those who are not going to the beach. What they could do to remedy your situation is have the N88's start from different places heading to Hicksville for example one N88 would start at West & Central Bathhouse and go straight to Hicksville from there and another N88 starts picking up the leftovers at Central Bathhouse, pick up at East Bathhouse and then go to Hicksville. 


    Of course doing such an operation would require double the amount of buses on the route which I highly doubt Ed Mangano will want to provide funding for so...

  2. Thanks guys :)


    The Q55 is one of the lesser photographed routes. Kind of like a hidden gem if you ask me, as you can see from the photos I've taken. It's nice to go off the beaten path once in a while.

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