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  1. Its a training set for C/Rs to get qualified.
  2. Amazing how no one still gets the point. All R160s have that same bug with the FIND Display and LCD screens. Its a bug in the system that needs to be fixed on every train. I fail to see why everyone is so surprised about it. -.-
  3. Watch everyone foam over the Delta FIND display.
  4. Ok, a R160......I don't get the point of this thread. They all look the same, why keep taking pics of each and every new one that comes out?
  5. More like thats retarded. What if someone on there didn't really no much about transit and was late for something because of that stupid move? Want to play with routes and annoucments go do it on a light train or in the yard etc.
  6. Benefits better then NYPD? WRONG. When you retire out of NYCTA, do you want to die a few years later of all the shit you breathe down there? I don't think so. Plus you get to retire in 20 years flat. Don't listen to all these transit foamers. You might be a railfan and everything, but that job has its up and downs. You will get tried of operating very fast. If you plan to move all the way up the ranks like my bro, then its worth it.
  7. Who would want to privately own a bus?
  8. The most recent weird sighting would have to be this.
  9. Hmmmm, An R32 at Myrtle Broadway middle for signal dolley.
  10. Yeah I remember that. I was with the group going to chase that 32 and get a ride. I turn my back to by something at the little store at Metropolitan Ave, I hear screaching brakes coming into the station but I'm paying for my shit. I turned around and everyone was gone. Was kinda funny, but I was tired that they anyway so I just went back home.

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