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  1. I am afraid that day may not come. My level of functioning has deteriorated over the past several months. My therapist even told me awhile ago that I shouldn't even be in therapy, that I was wasting my money and that I belonged in an adult home or in a nursing home. I rode a bus for the 1st time in ages last month and I had a hard time putting the quarters in the fare box, the B/O had to help me out to speed up the boarding process. Everything that I do I do it very slow, like eating, showering, getting dressed, etc. I even forgot where the button for my hazard lights on my car was, very disoriented. I accidentally put ear drops in one of my dogs eyes. To sum it all up, I feel like I am a zombie without a mind, I feel detached from reality, I suspect that I may have some form of autism, just because I was never diagnosed with it when I was a child doesn't mean that I have it now as an adult. I feel mentally incompetent.
  2. I didn't write the questions in the proper numerical order, but you figured it out. The correct answers are down below. 1-B 2-A 3-C 4-C 5-C You got 1, 3, 5 wrong.
  3. Sorry for the late response, you got 3 out of 4 right. 1)Spikes used to hold the running rails in place are most nearly like a)ice picks b)large nails c)shelf brackets d) C clamps 2)The color of the four lights at the rear of every train is a)red b)white c)blue d)green 3)The regular clicking sound heard as a train rolls along is due to the a) irregularities in the train wheels b)wheels striking the joints in the rails c) switching on and off of the driving motors d)rattling of the car windows 3)The number of wheels on each car of most subway trains is a)4 b)6 c)8 d)12 4)The height of a station platform above the running rails is closest to a) 6" b)1" c)4" d) 10"
  4. MTA Bus Operator, you guessed the 1st one wrong, the correct answer is auger.
  5. I knew that day would come for you Igor, some on here didn't think they would get to your list number. You will be fine, you have the right attitude, please keep everybody updated, thanks.
  6. Kingofthe 41, If I may please. The proper tool to use to make a 3/4 diameter hole through a wooden tie is a a. reamer b. round chisel c. auger d. countersink Pneumatic hammers are operated by a. compressed air b.acetylene c. water pressure d. oil pressure (3)The BEST tool to use to open a wooden packing case is a a. carpenter's chisel b. flat wrench c. crate opener d.carpenter's saw The tool that MUST be sharpened on an oilstone is a a. ripsaw b. center punch c. twist drill d. carpenter's chisel
  7. I am going to take a guess and say that I think it stands for Regional Authority.
  8. I asked that question once before and I was told somewhere around 10,000 B/O's which includes MTA Bus, Mabstoa and NYCTA. I highly doubt that there is going to be 4,243 openings for B/O called from the 2301 list. The number of B/O's working at MTA BUS has to be much less then that number.
  9. I didn't want to start a new thread, but would somebody who has mild autism be hired to work as a B/O? Obviously I know you have to be able to communicate and also understand what is being said to you. What about mild cerebral palsy or neuromuscular disorders?
  10. I got the letter yesteday, Washington Irving H.S in Gramercy Park, am session. Exam type: Written...does that mean no more multiple choice questions like it was before?
  11. For the record the #3101 is for MaBSTOA.
  12. No worries, they will get to your list number and beyond. There are still 8 months left on the list. The previous list(5025) was about 1,000 more then the 8006 and they went through that entire list.
  13. The automated recording hasn't changed in awhile(#2,996 last hired). However, hiring is still going on now because I got the pre-interview letter/lab test for next Wednesday(12th) even though I took my name off the list last year(#706).
  14. My bad, I meant to say that he went to day 10 and didn't qualify.
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