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  1. It was a pleasure seeing everybody over the weekend. Zach
  2. I know its been a while guys! Enjoy!
  3. Love the 68s. I despise the 68As.
  4. Nice Pictures Dude ! Ironic how , it was my interval to go. !
  5. I know one of those Train Operator's.. Nice Photos!
  6. Who was the Train Operator on the and ? Nice Stuff Dude!
  7. Nice Video! Ive never seen Trains turned here before.
  8. I think Charlie Nassau, over in Nassau Hobby Shop bought out whichever MTH had left after backorders.
  9. Okay, well, I raise the freight question because when I was working there, I was told that some freight cars in the past have scraped along the platform edge.
  10. Did they finish the work at the Massapequa Station with the additional Middle Track?

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