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  1. Page 66 Yes! Page 67 About time. Page 72 Another good project Page 73 Page 75 Page 84 I am glad that they are focusing on making the entire system accessible. There was little talk about this in the last program. Page 88 Please, order off the shelf European-type trains for the M9As! The FRA changed regulations. Why is the MTA so stupid and stubborn. They are wasting money. How about doing a no brainer and electrifying the Port Jefferson Branch and double-tracking it! Great, more parking. How about TOD? A lot to unpack here. Finally, platform extensions. Forest Hills needs the platform extensions. I don't know why they are adding elevators! The station is already ADA-accessible and has ramps! There is no reason for them, and there is no place to put them! Hollis is good, but I wish that they would extend my home station of Kew Gardens. It appears as though the MTA will be funding the renovation of Mets-Willets. This is enough for now.
  2. Page 59-60 Sounds good, but will they get it done? It is about time. 60 Great! Now don't renege on this promise a second time! The ulterior motive is to make fair evasion harder. Page 61 I wonder how Byford got them to fund the 50 Fast Forward stations, and 20 additional ones. We are truly blessed to have him at the helm. Page 62 @RR503 Not looking good. Page 64 Now NYCT is afraid of lawsuits Page 65 Now they realize. Why aren't these related improvements being funded? More later.
  3. Page 24 This is interesting. Many stations are wheelchair accessible, but not completely ADA accessible. I don't know whether this will include those stations. Page 25 Finally! We need more. This is interesting. Waste of money. Page 26 Only 80 M3s will go. The power upgrades are much needed. The lack of power north of NWP is why so many M3s run on the Harlem Line. The third track is interesting. Interesting. Interesting. Design for this was in the '15-'19 program Quality investment. Great. More money wasted on yard improvements. Run off-peak service! Page 28 Waste of funds. Stop expanding highways! Page 43 This is what they used instead of the Twenty Years Capital Assessment. Pages 55-56 The MTA will exercise the R211 option order. Page 56 I wonder why they elected to not replace the whole fleet. The will likely keep get the remaining cars.
  4. I am going to start my analysis of the long-awaited Capital Program. I will have to stop for class. On Page 9: This is a lie. They have been doing this by increasing the hours in which they work and by reducing service, not by increasing productivity. On Page 12: Axle Counters are not an emerging technology. They are proven. It is good that they are being used. This is part of the stupid project to turn the Atlantic Branch into a shuttle. On Page 14: These four are likely the ones in '15-'19 that have design funded: Tremont Avenue 14th Street 14th Street Sixth Avenue It is nice that they are stating the goal of maximum accessibility by 2034. Adding elevators to some elevated stops, like those on the Flushing Line, will be a challenge. Property will have to be taken. On Page 21: They state it later, but some R62/As will be kept, meaning that they will likely be kept for the , which won't use any track sections with CBTC. This is good news. I want the details. Please redo Canal Street! These are supposedly stations where a lot of components need to be repaired. Are these the pushed back ESI stations or not? This is inaccurately shown in the Track section. This is good, and could allow for the elimination of emergency exits. It seems like that this is a bigger problem than the MTA admitted to. This is superseded from the '15-'19 program. When will 240th get repairs?
  5. After a Transit Center event I was at yesterday, I found Pete Tomlin and Andy Byford on the corner of Stone and Broadway. I thanked both of them for their work. Tomlin said that the Astoria Line was prioritized due to its high ridership.
  6. @BM5 via Woodhaven http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-announces-bus-service-enhancements-including-increased-use-longer
  7. @Lance Do you have any idea why this domain exists? https://east.mta-hq.info
  8. $798 million MORE for ESA, and $539 million for the Third Track project. https://www.newsday.com/opinion/newsday-opinion-the-point-newsletter-1.36403177
  9. @RR503 This is incredible. $4.7 BILLION will be in the Capital Program for Penn Station Access, in addition to the $895 Million in the 2015-19 Program. The whole advantage of the project is that it is using EXISTING rights-of-way, making use of EXISTING tracks. What the heck went wrong? I just can't..... All that is involved is some track work, substations, a bit of electrification, and new stations. UGH! https://www.lohud.com/story/news/2019/09/16/mtas-51-5-b-capital-plan-help-pay-penn-station-access/2341595001/
  10. @Via Garibaldi 8 The presentation for the bus lanes on Broadway is out: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/brt/downloads/pdf/better-buses-broadway-improvements-cb8-2019.pdf
  11. If only there were a fifth track somewhere on the Sixth Avenue Line for short-turns! That would solve this issue, and could have allowed for s that can't fit on Queens Boulevard to terminate in Manhattan. Alas.
  12. I didn't, I just decided not to put it in the post.
  13. $37,303,000,000 for NYCT, $3,512,000,000 for MTA Bus= $40,815,000,000 $7.1 Billion for Signal Modernization $5.2 Billion for Station Accessibility $6.1 Billion for Subway Cars $4.1 Billion for Station Improvements $2.6 Billion for Track $2.3 Billion for Replacement Buses $1.1 Billion for Electric Buses $.109 Billion for "Improving Customer Experience" $.217 Billion for Additional Buses "Allows network redesign to provide more and better service" - Presumably, Operations funding would go up as well $.880 Billion for Depots $5.165 Billion for SAS +SAS ($1.735 billion from 2015-2019 Program) Entire project will now cost $6.9 Billion! $6.9 Billion-$1.735 Billion=$5.165 Billion These groups account for $34.871 Billion of the $40.815 Billion for NYCT/SIR/MTA Bus, meaning that there is $5.944 Billion that we know nothing about. The cost for SAS is bonkers. If they can't get the costs down SIGNIFICANTLY, I will be among the first to say that it needs to be cancelled. Anyway, it would be much better to accelerate CBTC, to fix bottlenecks like Nostrand, Astoria, etc.
  14. Um, there is no pedestrian/bike walkway on the Bridge. https://gothamist.com/news/a-bike-lane-on-the-verrazano-for-the-summer-advocates-electeds-say-its-feasible This would be $400 million well spent.

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