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  1. You could have more than 1 bus route via Cypress Hills. Even just having unlimited transfers within 2 hours would do a lot of good.
  2. I don't disagree re:Lefferts. It is very narrow. They should take away parking, but good luck with that. There are more transfer options at Kew Gardens and the E stops there during the day. It isn't a dealbreaker though.
  3. Here are some random thoughts: Some routes that will get delayed due to congestion without bus priority in the Queens Bus Redesign: Q50 on the Whitestone, Q68 on the Kosciuszko, Q51 on the Belt. There are others. Union Street in Flushing needs bus priority. The B53 is odd and duplicative The Q16/Q61/Q62 situation is a service cut. It is odd that the Q60 still goes to South Jamaica. The Q20 should go to Union Turnpike, not Briarwood. The Q73 should be extended to Myrtle. Having a Queens route to Columbus Circle would be nice. The Q65 LTD seems to be eliminated, which isn't great. The B62, Q59, Q66 and Q68 need to be more frequent The B57 extension is great; good riddance to the section from the 2010 cuts. The Bx15 or Bx41 should be extended to LaGuardia The super-routes, like the Q25, Q1 and Q10 won't work without bus priority Weekend service needs to be much better across the board, including on the Q23 and Q54 The Q25 needs to run every 6 minutes off-peak, more frequently on weekends The Q39/Q67 swap ends the connection from Sunnyside to Ridgewood I don't like that the Francis Lewis Blvd crosstown was eliminated I love the consolidation of local and limited-stop routes The Q73 needs to get off Austin Street It doesn't seem great that the Q23 loses the transfer to the 7 at 111th. I love the through-running routes in Jamaica/Flushing to reduce layover congestion. I love the reroute of the Q47 off congested Roosevelt Avenue, and the Q53 cutback Also, this:
  4. It provides a direct connect between Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill/Ozone Park with Electchester/Kew Gardens Hills. I could see myself using it.
  5. How does this even happen? @Around the Horn@RR503
  6. I care more about frequent service than stations that look nice. However, if you are renovating West 4th, you might as well reopen closed entrances there while you are at it.
  7. You really need to write up all your amazing findings.
  8. The funny thing is that they added a bench at the eastern end of Lex/53 a few years back.
  9. Here is this from a great website with posts about LIRR service: https://derekstadler.wordpress.com/portfolio-2/collections-photography/maspeth-from-small-dutch-community-to-part-of-the-great-metropolis-final/poignant-memories-of-another-day-history-of-rail-service-to-richmond-hill-and-the-former-communities-of-clarenceville-and-morris-park/
  10. Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 6.28.13 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 6.28.29 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 6.28.50 PM by Union Turnpike, on FlickrScreen Shot 2020-12-12 at 6.30.30 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
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