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  1. There is no news here. This has been planned for several years.
  2. Enhanced Station Initiative

    NEW YORK (WABC) -- There is a commuter alert for subway riders who rely on the B and C train lines. The MTA says the B and C will close at three stations in Manhattan beginning in April for renovation work. The line will close at 72nd Street, 86th Street and 110th Street. The MTA says the renovations could take up to six months but are necessary changes. In a statement, the MTA said: "This is a program that allows us to do essential work to preserve these stations for the next generation. This will allow us to get in and get out, doing work quickly over the course of months instead of years." http://abc7ny.com/traffic/3-manhattan-subway-stations-to-close-in-april-for-renovation-work/3110242/
  3. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    Presumably somewhere in Willets Point.
  4. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    Yup. The AirTrain will require the depot's demolition. This has been hinted at several times.
  5. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    The Livonia-Junius transfer will be under construction starting in Dec 2019.
  6. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    This has to do with the R211s "Budget updated to reflect latest estimate. The budget reflects the revised phasing of the project to reschedule a portion of the in-house support costs and carborne equipment install ation to the future 2020-2024 Capital Program to better align with construction and car procurement schedules."
  7. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    Culver Line CBTC will start in September 2018 and will be completed in August 2023. This is an interesting project. Do any of you know what this would do? Project: T7080329 Description: Upgrade 25 Hz AC Main Cable and De-Ion Switches - Design Only Category: Signals & Communications Element: Signals & Communications xxxxxxxxxx ... This project will fund design activities for a future project to u pgrade alternating current (AC) main cables and de-ion switches on the Lexington Avenue Line between Wall Street Station and 96 Street Station in the borough of Manhattan to provide continue reliable operat ion of the automatic signals that are not modernized on the Lexington Avenue Line until the implementation of Communications Based Train Control (CBTC).
  8. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    Project: T7120419 Description: Queens Depot Property and Environmental Prep This project is for property acquisition for a potential new bus depot due to planned work in the vicinity of Mets-Willets Point station. Schedule dates are not available, due to project being under development. I told you so.
  9. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    That is correct. It is unclear whether it will be in-system.
  10. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    That is all there is to know about the 42nd Street project. That is also in the dashboard. I posted that several months back.
  11. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There are fewer doors in a whole train of R46s. The needs as much capacity as it can get.
  12. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    The cost is $175,000,000.
  13. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    That is all that was stated. I fully agree about that. I have seen your blog post on it.
  14. Capital Dashboard Goodies

    Project: T7010103 Description: Subway Action Plan: Upgrade 220 R142A Railcars This project supports the MTA's NYC Subway Action Plan to improve customer service by making improvements on critical components of the system. This project will modify 220 existing R142A A-Division cars to the newer standards of the R188 cars. Schedule dates are not avai lable, due to project being under development. R211 construction will begin this month 42nd Street Shuttle Reconstruction scheduled to begin in June 8th Avenue CBTC construction to begin this month; completion scheduled for December 2026 Project: T7041418 Description: Station Capacity Enhancements at Metropolitan Avenue on the Crosstown Line This project will reopen the previously closed stair P-11 from mezzanine to platform at the Metropolitan Avenue Station on Crosstown line in the borough of Brooklyn. Some schedule dates are not available, due to project being under development. Project: T7041416 Description: Circulation Improvements at Union Square on the Canarsie Line This project will improve the passenger circulation at Union Squar e Station on the Canarsie Line. The new escalator will be installed from the east mezzanine to the platform on the Canarsie Line. The stairs from the Broadway line to the Canarsie line will also be modified. Project: T7041415 Description: Station Capacity Enhancements at Myrtle Avenue on the Jamaica Line This project will provide a new station entrance at the Myrtle Ave nue Station on the Jamaica Line in Brooklyn. The scope of work includes street stairs, a mezzanine extension, and a service area. Some schedule dates are not available, due to project being under development. Project: T7130214 Description: Subway Action Plan: Purchase 59 Non-Revenue Vehicles This project supports the MTA's NYC Subway Action Plan (SAP) to im prove customer service by making improvements on critical components of the system. This project will purchase 59 non-revenue service vehicles which are needed to more effectively support the SAP initiatives system-wide. These include such vehicles as heavy duty trucks, lifts, mobile washers, and vacuum trucks. Schedule dates are not available, due to project being under development. Project: T7130210 Description: Installation of Track Inspection Car Platform Measuring and Video Recording System This project will install new track component video systems and pl atform measuring laser scanner on NYCT's Track Inspection Car to provide a continuous and accurate inspection of the platform edges and allow to compute accurate distances between the tracks and the platform ed ges for inspection of the mainline tracks. Project: L70204UO Description: Brookhaven Lab Station This project will design and construct a new LIRR station on the Main Line to serve Brookhaven National Lab. This station will replace the current Yaphank station. Milestone dates are not available due to project still being under development. Project: M7060104 Description: West of Hudson Yard Improvements This project includes the construction of three passing sidings an d associated infrastructure along the PJL in Orange County and the construction of a diesel train yard mid-point along the PJL to accommodate up to eight train consists, as well as employee facilities inclu ding, but not limited to office, parking, locker room, and lunch room space for employees working at the facility. Project: N7110104 Description: MTA Urban Core Infrastructure Reserve Category: MTA Planning Element: MTA Planning Initiatives @bobtehpanda The 2015-2019 Capital Plan includes funds reserved for the MTA to define projects in collaboration with the City of New York to study and develop initiatives to support coordination in areas of common interest. The intent is to bolster the existing MTA system to complement City initiatives on growth, development and mobility with such additional capital improvements as new access at stations in employment centers, new passenger connections between lines, and bus facilities. These activities will include a study of intra-city travel on the commuter rail network, as well as a study of a potential bus station, staging, and/or storage facility in Flushing, Queens. Proposals for capital improvement will be evaluated using standard planning, design, and engineering controls to ensure that they become projects that are affordable and achievable.


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