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  1. Finally received Notice of Results. Its dated July 2. List Number 42.
  2. Received a letter in the mail for provisional railroad stock worker.
  3. Do they hire stock workers or just promote from assistant?
  4. Anyone receive scores or list number?
  5. I took the test a few weeks ago. Easy test.
  6. Just took the Railroad Stockworkers exam yesterday and would like some info about the position.
  7. The 1 in 3 rule is that they can not, not hire three people in a row. For instance from a promotional perspective, if they have three straight people who would be knocked down for what ever reason (sick abuse, dan), they would have to take one of this three. People with questionable records have been promoted this way. I'm not saying that these people were bad at the job they were promoted to, just that they were lucky as hell!
  8. Any idea when the next t/o class is being held? And how frequent do they have them?
  9. Isn't that the same test bus operators take?
  10. I got a letter today for the t/o promo exam (list # low 200's). I'm currently a b/o. The letter says to avoid workplace noise exposure or high levels of non-occupational noise exposure for at least 14 hours prior to the test. What is this hearing test like and what does it include?
  11. I've heard they were up to No. 44. But i also heard they were up to 140.
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