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  1. I believe its 26.95. New contract in Jan will probably raise that.

  2. do you know what the top pay is for bus driver

  3. Does anybody know if a B/O from TA will be able to work out of LI?
  4. Chris, have you heard anything about the merger with LI Bus? Will we be able to pick that depot at some point? Also since i am going into a class on monday, do you know if any queens depots being open?
  5. Hey BigMD, i start on the 26th as well. I got my uniform from Work and Gear. I got dickies pants. 2 pants, 2 shirts. Reasonably priced. Hope this helps. See you on Memorial Day!
  6. Does This takeover of LI Bus Mean a NYCTA B/O will be able to work out of a Long Island Depot?
  7. So does this mean that if you work for TA, you can work out of Long Island Buses Depot?
  8. Congrats rob. I was down at 180 as well doing my drug screen for exam 5025. Whats your list #?
  9. If RTO Dont work for you, look to be a comedian. LOL
  10. Ok, so these positions are hourly, not salary
  11. Can anyone tell me the positions above a bus operator, their salary range, pension info, etc? Thank you.
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