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  1. Is getting some of R211’s first before any other line gets them, MTA said themselves, option order could go to Queens BLVD
  2. Is 318 cars now instead of 316 cars.
  3. Is 318 cars now instead of 316 cars.
  4. The R32’s is going to the period!!
  5. it seems too high for city with people of 8 million people, but fare invasion on buses that numbers seems just about right.
  6. Their's no way that there 500,000 New Yorkers are jumping turnstiles per day, the number is way lower then that.
  7. I do believe that some of 4car sets of R179 was modify and changed to 5car sets the ones that wasn't built yet, it makes sense.
  8. I can see ENY getting 3050-3129 for 80 cars in 4car sets. 3010-3049, 3130-3309 to Pitkin and 207th for (some cars modify to 5cars) this could push some r32s to Coney island for services.
  9. Some of the cars (3050-3309), the order was modify to include more 5car units.
  10. I am hearing rumors from the MTA the R179 was modify to include more 5car set train and less 4car trains, I guess we have also wait and see if the rumors are true.
  11. That's a good idea, Also the will have 10car set of R179's, also we have to wait and see if the rumors are true that order was change include more 5car sets and less 4 car sets.
  12. I notice the rumors I heard from the inside the TA that R179 order will be mostly 5 car units, it was modified recently.
  13. I heard the same thing too, That the order was modified to include more B cars and less A cars, its like the order was changed to 80 cars in 4car units and 220 cars in 5car sets. This may be the case if it's true that R179 order was changed to mostly 5 car sets, if R179's (5cars) shows up on and plus if the order is now mostly 5 car sets.

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