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  1. That's well said, you're right they have to work out the bugs in them.
  2. Some times in the 1990's the had 10 car R32's that was barrow from the and
  3. I seen a few of them with no Mask on, it's shame that people are hardheaded.
  4. Yea that's right few option order cars (open gangway cars) supposed to go the too.
  5. They did say it awhile back, of course its subject to change.
  6. Nah, from MTA the R211 will be assigned to lines more likely, but always subject change.
  7. Yep, MTA/NYCT will figure out away to make those R179's work right, like they did with the R44, R46 and R142's in the past.
  8. The is 4-6 minutes and is 10 minutes.
  9. I agreed with you 100%, they do need 600ft Trains on C.
  10. Is getting some of R211’s first before any other line gets them, MTA said themselves, option order could go to Queens BLVD
  11. it seems too high for city with people of 8 million people, but fare invasion on buses that numbers seems just about right.
  12. Their's no way that there 500,000 New Yorkers are jumping turnstiles per day, the number is way lower then that.

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