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  1. there was one winter were the subway cars was unable to move. i was able to get to the depot when one of the loco's was pulling a few of the cars. In this case it was a good thing, if all 4 were in service that would have at least put 4 trains in service to maintain a limited schedule. lol Yes as soon as i got in i got snow work.
  2. to the person that was asking about the fair box's if thay could change from express to local. The answer is yes all the driver needs to do is punch in the local code. If a boarding on the local route a passenger needs a transfer the box can despence a paper transfer. To those that suggested the the 3x be eliminated that can not be done or the 4x 7x and the 8x the 3x serves starts over by the back of the wtc and so does the 4x. the 8x starts under the Brooklyn bridge and services that part of the downtown area.Which is a heavy route. The 1x during rush hours is a heavy route and the weekends and evening times as well. with the 3x and 4x thay only hit Broadway at park place. even by then there are no seats available as well as standing room only. the 6x and the 7x provide relief for the 1x and i think their hours should be extended to at least 9 pm service into S.I. cancellation of the s79 from the back of the mall is not a solution. the s79 services the elmwood park houses as well as part of housing development on the north side of the mall. The s54 is not only used by the Wagner kids but also the seaview nursing home as well as Egbert nursing home and all the other nursing home along manor rd. The aides and nurses uses that bus to connect to the buses on forest and casleton ave's as well as the s76,s78 and the s79.
  3. just to throw what would be a monkey wrench into the mix of building a subway tunnel between the 2 bourrows would be the fact that would have to a 3 track tunnel or 3 separate tunnels together and switches between the three for emergencys and some sort of escape tunnel to the surface and keep an engine on 1 track and a engine on 24/7 standby some where. there should be no problem of the ship traffic that goes into jersey from the narrows since there is probably bedrock in between the 2 islands. just a thought
  4. might want to put a few on the switches to the warehouse sidings just for the realistic showing would think the one over one would be nice
  5. might be that thay wont sell Lionel has the lincence to manufacture the nycta subway sets that was lost by mth when thay made too much of the graffiti or that thay were not allowed to make them but mth gets away with it by not putting the mta symbols on the cars and slightly changing the numbers on the front or different colors on the lettered lines.
  6. very true but doesen't the new 75 ft cars come in married pairs so there for that would be 4. 75ft cars not the 3 that your suggesting ????
  7. Just wondering if any body can explain why that no manufacture has gone as far as to make any of the non revenue cars like the pump car, the flat cars with the movable crane,the signal repair car, hoppers, a power car with only the doors or any other of the ta's non revenue equipment in o scale. I know that if you butcher a power car from a set to make one and repaint and add the symbols it is possible but i would not dare butcher any of the subway sets that i have to do this and besides that i'm physically unable to do it.
  8. Would have to go with a 60 ft car there are stations along the south shore that unless you expand them or rebuild them would not be able to handle them ex, the Atlantic ave station is now only can 1 car and thay only open 1 door with the expansions of the housing out there it may be needed to expand the station.Another spot is the station that only allows the front 3 cars southbound to open. if you get the bigger cars it will be necessary to expand the 2 stations. there was a rumor that thay were going to move the Atlantic station up further north from its current location but i don't know if it was true or not. That was depending on the capital program money and in these hard times not likely to happen.
  9. Is anything going to S.I. or is it the usual and nothing new coming:( out to the Staten Island
  10. Hello Bill444616

  11. How about the 205st station at the end of the d line(D)(NYCT)
  12. I was walking behind the Clifton shop on Friday did not see the new locos out side or any where on the line because the was work on the system at several spots, I had ridden the train from Atlantic to Clifton to go for my divorce at court in the homeport and back, but did notice a very long construction low trailer parked in the back took a second look just to see if it had offical plates and sure it did and the SIRT symbol on it . This bad boy trailer was as long as the size of ether a SIRT rr car or one of those new loco's that they got. I could have taken a pic with my cell but didn't because I had looked at an article in a yahoo group that i belong to and it was posted that someone was arrested for taken pic on or near the subway system.(NYCT)
  13. Yes most of the SIRT Service trucks and a few of their construction equipment are equipt with rr wheels under the front and rear bumpers for access to the sirt system and can use the switches as would a regular train as far as getting on the rr tracks there are several places were the sidings are that are level with the ground and have access to the street behind locked entrance gates. Bill Johnson
  14. HI Gang : I wish a Manufacture would produce some of the real life non revenue cars such as the pump car and the vacuum train, hoppers and others in o scale. I have a few from MTH but most of them that thay made were not MTA cars like the crane and tender, box car,tankers and engineering car. Than there is the low v1939 Worlds fair cars that use to be on the 3ave el that i remember riding as a kid in the 60;s in the Bronx from Gunhill RD to 149th st. I lived on 209th st and parkside pl. and had a beautiful view from where I grew up of the irt #2 line at Gunhill RD and the start of the 3 ave El at Gun Hill rd. and the stop closer to my apartment was 210st. so yes i have a lot of memory's. LOL not to sure why I became a BO. Bill Johnson(NYCT)
  15. Yep totaly agree on that expanshion and more bus service is needed but untill the N.Y.C.T.A decides to build at least another Depot and get more bus's which means more jobs all the way up the line, there is no room to put more Bus's on the island. Yukon is already beyond its borders by the storage of the mci's out to akr turn around and forest hill Rd. Even thought akr is guarded by a privet security firm not ta protection agents which it should be. there is still the possibility of vandilism due to the fact that it's an open terminal and no gates. The other depot is the same way with te expanshion out to the old D.E.P pipe farm. The 1 new depot that is suppose to be done in 2010 is already out dated. This like I said the third Depot was promised in 85/86 when I finaly got assinged to the Island so dont tell me about trying to appease the forgotton burrow. The island is and till will be the forgotten boughrow
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