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  1. there was one winter were the subway cars was unable to move. i was able to get to the depot when one of the loco's was pulling a few of the cars. In this case it was a good thing, if all 4 were in service that would have at least put 4 trains in service to maintain a limited schedule. lol Yes as soon as i got in i got snow work.
  2. Hello Bill444616

  3. Yep totaly agree on that expanshion and more bus service is needed but untill the N.Y.C.T.A decides to build at least another Depot and get more bus's which means more jobs all the way up the line, there is no room to put more Bus's on the island. Yukon is already beyond its borders by the storage of the mci's out to akr turn around and forest hill Rd. Even thought akr is guarded by a privet security firm not ta protection agents which it should be. there is still the possibility of vandilism due to the fact that it's an open terminal and no gates. The other depot is the same way with te expanshion out to the old D.E.P pipe farm. The 1 new depot that is suppose to be done in 2010 is already out dated. This like I said the third Depot was promised in 85/86 when I finaly got assinged to the Island so dont tell me about trying to appease the forgotton burrow. The island is and till will be the forgotten boughrow
  4. Yes it would be awesome but I think it would be impratical do to the amount of the population expansion of that side of the island. Thay would need at least 2 cars to each one train and may be more, so the 5 car trains on the sirt would be plenty or even 4 car trains.
  5. I thought that thay were also suppose to reopen the north shore line which the tracks and stations were still intact but just needed updateing and repair.

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