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  1. yo wtf the 42s are now on the . they look hot on the line. i like them, but they should also go on the and .
  2. wow there are nova buses at mta bus. this is what i get for being grounded for 2 months. i guess this means the hybrids are coming.
  3. What are the R10s? Wasn't the supposed to be 10 cars by the Fall? I thought they already have the 42s on the . I guess I was wrong.
  4. What? This is a joke I hope and if not, I feel sorry for the dummies that actually try this garbage.
  5. Huh? When were they ordered O7's.
  6. They use BAE, but I think its a different form (an older version) and most likely, it will be Orion who will get the bid, then again New Flyer is a good company. We'll know hopefully by the end of this year.
  7. Something is missing or I just don't get what he's talking about
  8. That would be stupid. Why would they get rid of the 300s and 400s buses. They are the newest buses. It would be wrong if they got rid of it. Maybe they are upgrading the buses to Cummins.
  9. 1) i'm only 12 and i don't know a lot about the trains other than my grandfather, who works for transit. 2) your spelling is poor, it's Einstein, not eistein and pecific i don't know what you trying to say. and 3) if you are talking about wikipedia, then they are lying. And other than the capital plan, which is going to be redone about the R179, what other website shows this? I should of said it might be new trains for Queens Blvd.
  10. They might be moving the 40Ms to the and lines by the end of the year.
  11. WTF Oh Hell No they can't move the v cng from Queens.
  12. They are working on the Queens Blvd line replacing the signals for the R160 second option and R179 to run on the line. The R160 option 1 order will not be for Queens Blvd.
  13. It's a Hybrid Bus that runs on the N53, N74 and buses that uses commuter vans. The bus has so many problems until they don't run it that much.
  14. I heard that they are transferring some buses from LaGuardia Depot. Maybe those buses were from LaGuardia or they might be training.
  15. My favorite car is the R142A from Kawaski.
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