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  1. Thanks guise! :). It's the best birthday eber.

  2. Hahah, interesting.

  3. Yea, my point exactly, talk to the person a bit first, talk on the phone at least once, meet in a neutral area.

  4. These laws don't seem to have any effect, people are getting stabbed and shot now more than ever in the last 10 years.

  5. No, what's that??

  6. Ah, ok. Sorry again it didn't work out for you. If the PIRR (PRR era LIRR) were still swingin' you woulda got that in one day or less, they didn't cut corners when it came to ticketing!


    - A

  7. Yea they were misinformed, it happens, sorry it affected you aversely!!! You should call & compalin!

  8. Hey. I saw you tried the web ticket feature. The web ticket is for longer term travel plans, such as vacations or out of the usual trips that you don't have to wait in line or at a tvm for. The estimated time is usually 7-10 days for delivery, and can sometimes run late if it's certain times of the year. Hope this helps!!


    - A

  9. Thank you, i'm still reeling.

  10. Thank you, and no problem, i loves me some trains! :)

  11. Thanks guise!!!!! :) :cool: I had a great birthday. One of my presents was an "any time i want to" one time New Hope & Ivyland RR trip! :eek:!!

  12. Thank you sir!

  13. I have an odd cough, other than that i'm all set. :)

  14. Hey, i don't know, you should call NJT.


    - A

  15. I did ask you to contact Harry via PM. Glad i could help.

  16. Yea, that seems fine, put a PG-13 note on the title of the thread though.

  17. Talk to Harry about it.

  18. I watched a few minutes of a replay yesterday morning. :)

  19. I have some african red brush tea, pomegranate green tea, plain & vanilla chai, orange spice tea, black tea with bergamot, green tea with lemon, english breakfast tea actually from england, irish breakfast tea, and plain decaf green tea. I usually have it when i eat anything with bread in it, such as birthday cake. ;)

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