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  1. My take on "Metro", Enjoy; And for now my favorite buses, The Orion V; it felt great to see and ride these bad boys
  2. I got to spend New Years Day in this bad boy, she still runs like a champ
  3. KR I believe they're DE62LFAs I could be wrong on that...basically all hybrid junk on the roof I gotta look more into that myself they ride pretty good too
  4. Oh My damn! very nice I gotta add D.C to my to visit list now
  5. Ok, I'm sorry for sounding like a total tourist again I'm curious into knowing where exactly does this route go? I'm assuming queens but I just want to make sure...I found a schedule on the MTAs website I kinda understand the map but I got a little brainwashed... Just asking because last week while coming out the PATH station in Manhattan I found a 6XXX Series Orion V going down (I believe 33rd my memory is bad now) that was actually my goal to ride and photograph some Vs but it was going through as I had just came out..The bus looked to be in good shape too.
  6. Great shots I'm loving those Orion Vs! :tup::tup::tup:
  7. Oh No you didn't! I guess this is what I get for invading you guys' turf I almost cried when I seen this B)
  8. Nice Stuff! I was looking for those Artics I only found one the whole time I was up there :tup:
  9. :tup::tup: that Interior shot is kickass I dont think I'll ever like those Nova LFS though...
  10. Thank you Sir. the next time I roll out you gotta let me know how I can find you and what your driving I wanted to ride some routes so bad but I didn't know where they went or ended. First one I seen in months that one was #3100 that DD50 sounded mean in it too!
  11. Thats how our Neoplan Low Floors are here in Pittsburgh, I do agree those NABIs seem pretty short felt like I was riding inside of a 35ft Bus my back still hurts after riding like 5 of them things
  12. Thanks for all the help and info guy I had a good time up there, I really did...I'm mad nobody came out but thats ok there is definantly going to be a next time and Its going to be real soon. I basically stayed around Newark the whole time and Just moved around to as many good spots as possible It felt like heaven I'm disappointed I wanted to get more AN459 shots though but I guess the runs are limited with those. Where is Irvington if I may ask? thats what I seem to have seen the Neoplans on was the 13T, 13V and 39 Is that safe? I'm already Assuming Trenton is not that great lol One more Question is Hoboken like Newark lots of service nearby?
  13. that shot of 5912 was definantly taken on the 3rd I seen and heard about that Batman movie from a #40 Driver because there was a detour on that route also...I seen an RTS on that Light Rail shuttle too btw.

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