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  1. By Vincent Barone vin.barone@amny.com November 30, 2017 If New York City and the surrounding areas want to continue growing, government must determine how to build a new subway extension in less than 100 years, according to the Regional Plan Association’s Fourth Regional Plan. About a year after the opening of the Second Avenue subway’s first phase, the nonprofit association is publishing its plan Thursday, which includes proposals for eight new or extended subway lines to be built in the coming decades, as well as a unification of the region’s commuter rails — New Jersey Transit, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North — under one system, called the Trans-Regional Express, or T-REX for short. The 95-year-old association publishes such a plan every several decades to set the tone for planning discussions over the future of the tristate area. Its new report, a massive 351-page document, spans all sorts of issues pressing the region. The MTA runs one of the largest subway systems in the world, yet more than a third of all New Yorkers don’t live within walking distance of a subway or train station. Read more: https://www.amny.com/transit/subway-line-expansion-1.15250814
  2. Redirected to phishing pop up screens

    I was never able to recreate this issue on my end so I'll just leave at that.
  3. Editing Signature

    Your name (drop down menu) > Account Settings > Signature.
  4. Expanded BusMoji Please?

    I thought I had them but I don't or I can't find them. If anyone wants to create some please feel free.
  5. Expanded BusMoji Please?

    I'm looking into this.
  6. Redirected to phishing pop up screens

    Someone else reported the same issue. I have not experienced any of this being reported to me. Supposedly my ad network does not serve pop-up ads or pop-under ads. I would check your phone for possible adware. Someone reported this to me on Android while using Chrome. I'm using Firefox and Chrome mobile and nothing so far. I will investigate further.
  7. By Vincent Barone vin.barone@amny.com October 19, 2017 MTA bus operators have joined transit advocates in calling for the authority to institute all-door boarding on city buses to speed up service and boost safety. By allowing commuters to board buses at both the front and back doors, the time operators spend at the curb would be reduced, improving notoriously unreliable service, advocates said. The union representing operators — Transport Workers Local 100 — agrees and believes the policy will also improve safety by further removing operators from mediating fare evasion. “First of all, it’s going to move buses more efficiently, and our bus operators are not going to have to worry about arguing with passengers, getting spit on, getting assaulted, getting coffee thrown on them; those days got to be over with,” said newly elected TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano on Thursday. “Our people got to come to work and be able to drive these buses in a safe manner.” The focus on all-door boarding comes with expectations that the MTA will update its board next week on efforts to replace the MetroCard with a more modern, app-based system. The new fare technology should make implementing all-door boarding more feasible, said Tabitha Decker, deputy director of TransitCenter. Read more: https://www.amny.com/transit/mta-bus-boarding-1.14537069
  8. Our logins are prone to logging

    Not anymore. This site now has an SSL certificate and verified.
  9. Worst Commute of the Week

    I think my co-worker was also caught in this because that was the first thing he mentioned to me when he saw me.
  10. New member

    Welcome to NYC Transit Forums! Check our Transit Employment forum for up to date information on the Track Work position with New York City Transit. Good luck.
  11. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Would you guys be interested in this add-on for the community? Allows your community to setup a database of items, with the ability to add images, mods and comments for each item. Including custom field support. Features: Support for item categories. Limits of how many items per member and mods/images/comments allowed per item set by per member group. Discussion topics options for items added. Ability to add custom fields into the main tag itself instead of a new tab. Featured items for those who want to feature items on the main collections system page. Tab system to organize multiple custom fields. Item comments for items your members add. Let your members add, edit and delete there own items, modifications and images. Upload multiple images for each item or modification added. Thumbnail generation for larger images, ensures that this application does not use large amounts of bandwidth. It's an expensive add-on but I would gladly purchase it if it could be useful and there would be some of you guys who would be willing to add content to it. It was built for cars but can easily be used for bus and rail stock also.
  12. Reputation Activity Widget

    It defaults the reputation activity to "Status Updates". If you click on "Posts" on the side bar it will show what you want.
  13. I added another plugin to showcase your social info (if you want to share it). You can see it in the user info panel to the left. To display your social profiles, click on your username, then click on social info.
  14. New Member Reporting

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to reading about your experiences.
  15. station agent 6600

    Please keep any questions about this list in the following topic:


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