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  1. If you’ve been on a New York City subway platform since January 2018, you should have noticed a countdown clock that displayed an estimate of when the next train would arrive. Although there’s no official record of when trains actually stopped at each station, the countdown clock data can be used to approximate. Over the past 5 months, I’ve collected and processed some 24 million stops’ worth of this data to try to make sense of New York’s vast and troubled subway system. The code is all available on GitHub. Read more: http://toddwschneider.com/posts/nyc-subway-data-analysis/
  2. Pending. Correction_Officer_8308_8309_8319_8330_8334_8338.pdf
  3. Harry

    Unread Content slowdown

    I've been on and off pretty much all morning and I haven't experienced any of this. I will look into this further.
  4. Harry

    Subway Sign Build Log - Overveiw

    This is great! Looking forward to following the progress of this.
  5. Harry

    Dog Attacks Passenger on 4 Train

    "this topic is now locked" -nyc transit forums owner
  6. I need some feedback to make sure that our third-party bulk email service and the community software are working the way it should.
  7. Harry

    Change rank and location

    The editing of rank names is disabled and will be back after the next update. As for the location I don't know why that is happening and I'll look into it.
  8. Read more: https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2018/04/why-new-york-city-stopped-building-subways/557567/
  9. Harry

    Best NTT Announcer

    I know. I think Bernie's voice would better for the closing doors announcement. Charlie sounds too robotic. Not natural.
  10. Harry

    Best NTT Announcer

    How about Bernie @Next Train Announcer for 'stand clear of the closing doors please'.
  11. Harry

    Where is the member list?

    This suite did not come with a member list so I added one here.


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