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  1. Heard that February class got pushed back till 1st week of March
  2. Yeah a few Oa guys in my depot is going to be in the February 8 class too from what I was told it’s 10 ta abd 10 oa guys in a class. The calling 8-10 at a time
  3. Congratulations bro! Let us know how Many TA were called with u. So based on the chief it says 195 ppl on the list are eligible out of 209?
  4. Did they start calling yet or are we looking at the first quarter?
  5. Where u heard this? Looking at the result letter it seems one section was graded much higher than the others I wonder which section
  6. I wonder if these layoffs will affect our hiring or delay it further.
  7. Oh yeah heard mine came in the mail today so that means they will start calling from it ASAP or usually in the next month or two after the list is certified
  8. I wonder when we getting our letter in the mail our test results and list number that is certified cause than we will Know hey start calling names
  9. Covid sick days won’t effect your promotion if ur sick time has been good the last 3-5 years. You get back some of the sick time for covid as well so the pandemic year shouldn’t be a concern and I heard that from zerega. What might work for us in a weird way is I hear a lot of the dispatchers in ta r putting in their papers due to the pandemic a lot of guys who had the time and years r out. It’s going to be a higher number of retirees in the next few years
  10. It might not. It’s only 209 ppl pass this test. They most likely extended this list due to the fact that out of the 209 some are already dispatchers, some are on sick control, and violations. So they would need more in case the demand is needed and I heard they are not having another test for awhile.
  11. It all depends on the need . From what I heard due to the pandemic a lot of guys r putting in their papers and retiring in 2021 plus they were supposed to have a new bus trek in Brooklyn but I don’t know if that still going on as scheduled
  12. Is this the final grades with years of service added? Confused to how this test was graded. But it’s ok they probably will blow through this list in 2 years or a little more. Now I understand y they wanted to do another test so quickly.

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