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  1. Does anyone have that exams unit number
  2. I just find it odd that they put another ta surface dispatcher test up so quickly. And no one has heard anything about test results or how many questions they were giving ha k cause the conscientious is slot of people didn’t do well on the test. And the legal topic was suggested to me by a superintendent cause clearly you would have to provide money back to everyone who took the test on the issue of the test being filled with errors is their mistake
  3. I’m hearing they might be canceling the list for there were too many errors on the questions and I guess they don’t want to give us back so many points but I wonder if there is anything legally that can be done cause it’s unfair to ppl that did well And are u charging $ again for another test.smh it’s a new filing for a ta surface test on their website
  4. actually TA drivers will not be screwed due to civil service. being that they r civil service is the best thing that keeps them from layoffs. If ur MABSTOA they would be the first to be laid off but honestly if u dont work for MTA dont believe everything u see in the newspapers and news they wont layoff anydrivers. mostly token booth and admin.
  5. hey Olegkha, did u make it to zerega today for graduation? i was surprised they did it on a Wed. I went back to the depot after and was told until september my days off will be tues and wed. and im on my own now. the crazy thing is i still have two lines to learn in the depot.,
  6. i finished my line training in 7 days.. i was in nulmer park with Joe Ski. he was cool. i heard Boston is tough!!! im at Gun Hill depot in the bronx. A borough that lived in my whole life and i am familiar with. plus the people are not too bad in this depot. most of them are working class. im pretty sure u were in the same room as me
  7. i would try Liberty Lines and academy first.. I hear NJ transit too but i t depends if u want to travel to nj.
  8. wow.. i was in class that started on 6/22 and i heard another class started after us.. u mean to tell me only 40 people passed!! the instructor u had... i think i may know who u were with Did his last name begin with a B? u can always try liberty lines too.
  9. thanks for the tip. what depot are you out of? how was your first year on the job?
  10. im from list 5025. so i guess the three best depots in the bronx are gunhill, KB, and west Farms. which has the most overtime and do they still give those 12hr jobs?
  11. yeah i understand but i know i wouldve been out of training when the trip came up. but i guess it is what it is.. im not going to take it if it risks losing the job. what about depots anyone?
  12. Well i start training on the 22nd of June for B/O and i had one question. i have atrip planned for late august that i already paid for and have copies of the plane tickets reciept to show as proof that it was scheduled prior to being hired. so what do u guys think am i out of money for the trip or can i show a superintendant this information and still go on vacation without any consequences? im thinking if it means me having a problem with the MTA than ill just eat the $800 i paid for the trip. also i wanted to know if anyone knows what good depots are there in the bronx to choose from. Thanks.
  13. Hello all! i was hired by MTA this week and my class starts on the 22nd. i have a parking ticket on my car from a few months ago. does that come into play when i go down to zerega on MOnday? or should i just pay the ticket now. i was under the assumption that they only cared about moving violations.
  14. thats what i was told when i renewed mine in Yonkers. what list are you on?
  15. u know what u have up to 2 years from taking the test to renew a cdl permit. You can renew a learner permit only if you passed the written test during the previous two years. This requirement means that you cannot renew a learner permit that was issued more than two years ago. If you passed the written test more than two years ago, you must apply for a new learner permit and pass a new vision test and a new written test. If you are eligible to renew your learner permit, you can renew your the permit no more than 30 days before the permit expires, or no more than two years after the date you passed the written test for your original permit. You must renew by mail or at a DMV office. You cannot renew a learner permit on-line. this is taken from the DMV site.

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