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  1. Where are the answer keys to this test? Can't find them online.
  2. I picked up my badge today! love the quality of the work A+!:tup:
  3. Thanks guys. The same store info is in the union room @ Grand ave depot.
  4. Has anyone found any info as to where the old badges can be made?
  5. I have qualified for line training today on day 7! Everyone in my group qualified as well. Thanks to all in this forum for all of your advice and pointers! I have to get up @ 4:30 am to get to Zerega by 7:00 am! Goodnight guys!
  6. Today Day 6 went well! 14th street driving with no problems! Tomorrow Day 7! Gonna catch my Knicks then off to bed! :tup:
  7. Mr. Doyle. Well Today I messed up on a tight turn on day 5 and got trolley braked! I went too early on the turn and didn't watch my right mirror! My fault! Rest of the day went well, made the same turn later on with no problem! Can't wait to get back at it tomorrow! Day 6 incoming!!!:tup:
  8. Days 2-4 were great as well! Instructor says that we all are doing great!! We all did good on the El Pillars and he said if we keep it up, he doesn't see any of us in my group of 4 not qualifying on day 7 unless we do something like run a red light or another dangerous action! His teaching style is phenomenal! Very, very good instructor!!! My hats off to him!:tup:
  9. Day 1 at Michael J Quill went fine. I wasn't trolley braked and the instructor said that I did well. I found the pivot, Made hook turns and made a wrap around turn into the bus stop. Drove down 125 at about 4pm with a lot of crazy traffic with no problems. I'm off to bed, day 2 tomorrow!
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