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  1. They'll prolly send you to Bedford park or 207st. when you live in Bklyn or Queens...They'll prolly deny yur request for a day off,give you late jobs depending on yur tour.You gotta remember that they NEED you so if you run,they gotta find somebody to fill that job.This is only if you do it ALL the time...Once or twice don't count.

  2. There's two types of OT...one you sign up for and one they give to you if yur sitting on the board say for 4hrs. and they find you a 9hr. job on top of that.Now...you can tell them I'm only gonna do 4hrs. which will be yur 8 hrs. for the day or take all the money!(13 hrs.)I say forced because if you don't do it,the crew office has ways of getting you back.

  3. I gotta be honest with u...The money is good BUT you will see a change in yur personal/family life.All TA cares about is moving trains and that's it!Do you know how many family functions I missed??These people don't even wan't you to get a day off in RTO!Like I said...Operating the trains is cool, it's just the BS that surrounds it.Enjoy yur 9-5 while it lasts!lol If money is MORE important to you then you'll get lots of it(forced OT) down here...

  4. PM's for now but when yur Xtra-Xtra,they CAN and will change yur tour when need be!You can go from PM's to Nites to AM's It can be rough man...

  5. No stable jobs until about three years or so when I'll prolly be able to pick.For now I'm a floater...Everyday is a different task and different hours.No stability at all...

  6. Man,I'm all over the place...There's a class out so I've been getting yard and switching jobs like 3-4 days out the week.

  7. lol...Oh SH*T- Get outta here!!! That Ol guy is a lazy Bazztit and so is our "BUGGED MAN".Those were some classic moments at Pitkin.

  8. Oh yeh??? Savor the moment because that doesn't happen often!I see yur in my neighborhood now...Welcome.I'm getting alot of switching jobs which sux because they start late.

  9. So you finally got PM's??? Good for you!!! I don't know how you guys do the Nite thing???It sux!!!! I hope they NEVER give me NITES or AM'S...Now you get to operate that "JUNK" on the Victor...lol Welcome!

  10. lol...yeh the Bar!!! I forgot...lol

  11. That's cool...Yur acting like a Vulture T/O picking up all the students huh??lol Yeah,Yeah...Hope you didn't do the Freddy Flinstone with the winky wink and the wooty woo!(Builds character)lol

  12. God I HATE 44's!Yur prolly use to them now since they keep you over by Lefferts.You guys getting some 46's I see...I wonder why they gave u a student being that yur still a senior probie?

  13. lol...I didn't go either!I heard Taylor showed up.It would have been cool to see him.Soooo...you had a student??Did you teach him/her how to make tunnel stops??Yeah...Yeah

  14. Did you go to graduation?

  15. I got the antenna today!!! Thanx alot! Yur right,that place was a real hole in the wall...lol It was kinda busy too.I lost Taylor's E-mail,if I find it I'll give it to u...yeah,yeah

  16. Yessirrrr...lol

  17. I've been on Vacation...I've been dead tired with these hours I'm working.I'll be back...Ha Ha!

  18. Oh yes..Gotta love that R-68!Slant 40 was nice to operate also.

  19. Thanks,I was trynna push the limits of that train!You better experiment now before you get on the road..lol

  20. yeh...63mph was pretty good! That was some rush huh? Lucky..u we gotta do that again for sure! yeah,yeah

  21. Yesss....Congrats!

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