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  1. It was an E...interestingly enough the F was affected more in disruptions in service...go figure, thank God is was a weekend.
  2. Good Luck....sorry it took so long for me to read this but nota having much time these days to read posts....lemme know how it goes.

  3. Yooo Kenny !!! The Fire Department has called me the time has come to get ready I am going in for some physical readiness program they are offering.

  4. As is the case with most trains it will vary from train to train, even similar equipment...the point is I probably could put it in full service but I didnt want to take a chance...
  5. Yea, that 32 you brought on the stand Thursday wuz a beut!!....no notch on the brake, held down master controller all the way to Euclid in fear of going into emergency..:confused:
  6. Only if its going to Citifield :)

  7. Yo Kenny come on down to Concourse for some more Baseball specials ! lol

  8. lol...Oh SH*T- Get outta here!!! That Ol guy is a lazy Bazztit and so is our "BUGGED MAN".Those were some classic moments at Pitkin.

  9. Saw our buddy last nite while I was pulling into the barn at Pitkin...go go go go go go go go go go go...why you stop???!!!! Classic moment indeed! Now I have to run into the 150 yr. old man who thought he was Tyson and wanted to kick your ass for shaking HIS machine....can't make this s!%t up.

  10. Oh yeh??? Savor the moment because that doesn't happen often!I see yur in my neighborhood now...Welcome.I'm getting alot of switching jobs which sux because they start late.

  11. Yea, a beauty the other day on the (R)..started with a 42, came back with a 46...left again with a mod 40, finished with a (drumroll)......32!...the number 1 man would approve!


    ps...just missed you last night, I was on the (E), cleared 1/2 hour before you on the (J).

  12. So you finally got PM's??? Good for you!!! I don't know how you guys do the Nite thing???It sux!!!! I hope they NEVER give me NITES or AM'S...Now you get to operate that "JUNK" on the Victor...lol Welcome!

  13. Glad to hear you're coming back to B divis., unfortunately for me I guess I won't be seeing as many of those sweet jobs they've been hitting me up with lately.
  14. Whats going on Louie, long time no see...where are you these days?

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