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  1. Yup. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150109/astoria/northbound-n-q-subway-service-disrupted-due-customer-injury
  2. Currently sitting on the at 57th going to Queens. They're stopping (Q)s at 42nd and 57th and sending them back to Brooklyn. They are wrong-railing some Queens-bound trains at 57th on Brooklyn-bound express track, switching to Queens-bound express after the station and running them via the . Huge mess.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm working on my final project for my photography class. I decided I'm going to take subway photos since I'm home for the week. I was wondering if you guys had any possible locations that would be a good place to shoot. I can't just take pictures of trains in stations or anything like that. The photos have to be somewhat interesting and some have to include people. Here are some ideas I have so far: Picture of the near Broad Channel/Rockaways with bridge in the background at 33rd/40th/46th Sts with Manhattan skyline in background at W. 8 St/Coney Island with Ferris Wheel/beach in background Depth of Field shot at Bay Parkway with train coming around the curve (station sign in focus, subway out of focus) Picture from north end (Front) of Queensboro Plaza upper level with and in station Picture of a person sitting on a bench at an underground station waiting for train (low vantage point) Picture of a person leaning against the doors looking away Picture at Grand Central connection btwn and the with slow shutter High vantage shot of a crowded subway car If you have any other ideas (or would like to be a subject in a photo) let me know! Thanks!
  4. I was at Grand Central a few weeks ago to meet a friend from out of the city. He was new to the whole subway thing, so when he tried to swipe his card, he continuously got the "Please swipe again" message. After several failed attempts, he begins walking to a different turnstile except his last-ditch effort while walking away worked. So he leaned back over to the first turnstile to get ahead of the guy behind him that was breathing down his neck. His leg got caught on top of the turnstile and he almost fell over. We begin walking to the and a cop starts yelling at us and brings us to the booth. He took our Metrocards and I.D. into the booth to check if we actually used a swipe (timestamps) and then he came back out and explained the turnstiles have sensors and the one my friend used went off. Not sure how many of these stations have sensors, but I mean, it worked so maybe they could use more of those. In regards to people who sell swipes, I was getting off at the 30th Av station and I got downstairs and a gentlemen asked me for a swipe. I had an unlimited so I said sure. I swiped so he could go through and he asked me 'how much?' I said 'I can't take any money'. I start walking away, but he doesn't go through the turnstile. Probably a plainclothes cop.
  5. Love it when T/Os wave/blow the horn. Also, the C/R sounded awfully clear. Really making the case for humans over machines haha. Nice catch and fantastic shots and videos!
  6. There's an R68 running if anyone's fanning today.
  7. Uptown and trains pulled into 42nd St-Times Sq ( platform) today on express track just before 7:30 this evening. Not sure why or where they were going. Anyone know? This happened after my train this morning stopped at Grand Central and everyone had to get out of the first car and take the . And random trains were sent express via QBL this afternoon. Plus the cat problem in Brooklyn. Interesting day. Sorry for horrendous vid quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MssL9xcxSI&feature=youtu.be&channel=NYCTransitFan23
  8. I love the complexity of all those switches in the first pic. Great shots.
  9. I had a dream last night/this morning that I was standing on the upper level of Queensboro Plaza waiting for the . I see the train coming from behind the building and it's a R188. Then a R188 pulls in on the side as well so I got to see it use the crossover north of the station. The station was also full of Christmas trees, but I'm not sure why. I actually was trying to prevent a tree from falling on the tracks and I fell instead. And the train was coming. Except for some reason, there was a ton of space between the end of the platform and the tracks so the train wasn't close to hitting me. Strange dream.
  10. That R40S looks too new to be there!!!
  11. Was not aware of that so thanks for sharing. Very cool design in my opinion.
  12. Aw only one photo of the R188. Cool photo of it though. And cool shots of that track maintenance car.
  13. My mom actually wrote down his info and said she will file a report against him. People were jumping into cabs with random people to get to QBP. Queens bound trains are now running express between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars Blvd. trains still terminate at 57th St-7th Av.
  14. People are scrambling for cabs under the . Cabbies charging upwards of $10 per person to go from 30th to Queensborough Plaza. For service to Queens take the 100, 101, 102, or 69 bus. trains are running btwn 57th-7th Av and Stillwell Av. trains are running btwn Queensborough Plaza and Stillwell Av.

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