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  1. 3000 maint workers in Track? Just curious, who gave u this info?
  2. Haven't been to Track school in awhile but cant see it being difficult. Just show up on time and listen to your instructors and you'll be fine. Here is a link to NYCTA pay scales http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/wage_rates_final.pdf
  3. Walker is cool. Corcino is a bit strickter. You'll be fine with both
  4. Transit does this every contract. They give a list of ridiculous proposals to counteract our demands. It's not gonna happen
  5. Guess so, congrats on being the one. Maybe they have a soft spot for Surface
  6. Yep, get use to it. Almost everyone at Livingston St are rude, nasty and miserable. Kinda like the employees at motor vehicles but worse. This includes doctors, lab techs, and receptionists. TA hires bottom of the barrel people for these positions, especially the doctors and techs. They're borderline incompetent. I'm not kidding. Luckily, you only have to go down there once a year for a semi medical once you're hired.
  7. Yes, everyone in the Sept class will have a lower seniority # than you and always will. The benefit of being first or second in your class is when you pick in school. There might be one job where the location, tour and rdo's all work well for you. Being first you can pick that job and not worry about someone else taking it. You get first pick of all the jobs available for your class. It makes the pick a little less stressful
  8. It's still possible you could be added to the next class so straighten out your medical hold and see what happens. If not you'll be first in your class for the next one (which is a good thing). You're going to get hired, stop whining... This has been hearsay for years. Cant say if it's true or not
  9. I started Saturday morning at 8am(my RDO).Haven't gone home yet. I'll be here till midnight tonight. 40 hours$ straight...
  10. If you want facts go back and read all my posts on this thread. I'm a Trackworker with over 22 years on the job. I usually chime in here to either correct someone or add my educated opinion on a specific topic. Btw, riello2u,with your list number you will be called. It's just a question of when...
  11. This is pretty much true. There is no, or ever was, a mass exodus from Track Dept. The only way to get the eligible senior guys to leave in large numbers would be some type of buyout or incentive. I've been in the Track Dept for many years and have never seen one offered. That said, the list will move as it always does. Be patient
  12. Senior guys love the $now...most senior guys have cush jobs and aren't going anywhere.
  13. Not sure. Being written up while on probation is not a good thing to say the least. While on probation you don't have much protection. The TA can basically fire you for anything. Don't know why you weren't warned first, especially being on probation. So, Transit will probably do 1 of 3 things with you: 1) You pass probation 2) They extend your probation 3) They fire you. In the meantime I would consult with a union rep and ask their advice on your situation. Good luck
  14. If you don't meet both minimum requirements - time=25years, age=55 years old - then you're on your own. You can collect Medicare at age 65.
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