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  1. I don't see what is really the point of tendering out such contracts for bids then if is going to give the contract to Kawasaki anyway. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that the numerous delays could be due to some possible bid rigging going on to give Kawasaki an unfair advantage. We will see how this turns out.
  2. We can't assume they will automatically be assigned to the same facilities currently served by the R32 and R42 fleet. The only one we know for sure is ENY since the (J)/(Z) are not compatible with 75-foot cars. Any other yard is a wild guess. It has been officially stated that Jamaica wants to go 100% R160, and to meet that goal, you would have to pull them out of Coney Island. Thus, the R179s can easily fill in the void at Coney Island left by moving the R160s to Jamaica, and Jamaica can give its R46s to 207th Street and the SIR. While I understand I am speculating, my line assignments simply make logical sense for simplicity.
  3. The R179 should replace all R32s and R42s, and I believe that some will displace some R46s to the SIR. After all, has confirmed that some R46s will be overhauled for the SIR. Here are the line assignments for the B Division I would expect after all R179s are delivered: R46 - , , and SIR R68 - (, , , and R68A - ( R143 - R160 - , , , , , , , and R179 - , , , and In this way, Jamaica goes all R160 where the and give up their R160s to the , , and , and the new R179s are assigned to them. Considering the and got shafed in the R160 order, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.
  4. Well, the sign area is larger on the R62/R62A/R68/R68A, and a large multicolor sign would make routes easily identifiable. Looking at the proposal though, it looks like there are no plans to replace the front rollsigns, just the side signs, plus the addition of an interior sign.
  5. As a side question, why did NYCT choose to go with manual rollsigns on the R62/R62A/R68/R68A instead of motorized ones like what the R44/R46 originally had? Was there a reliability problem with the motorized signs?
  6. If that is the case, they should at least strongly consider using multicolor LED signs for the headsigns.
  7. Is this really all true? Also, I assume you mean LED (not LCD) displays, since the R160s have LED displays (the R142/R142A have LCDs). Also, will FINDs be installed on them?
  8. Actually, initial R62 and R62A replacement is currently planned for 2023, so it isn't quite 20 years from now. Probably by the time the R211s (R46 replacement) are delivered in 2015, a new contract number will be assigned for the R62/R62A replacement. Also, the red/green LED border would come in handy for the and , otherwise it was a big waste of money, since the and don't have diamond services anymore (don't think the ever had one).
  9. Of course, NYCT would have to install new wiring to install new destination signs on the R62A. The R44/R46 had motorized rollsigns, and NYCT simply used the existing wiring to power the LCD signs. The R62/R62A, on the other hand, have manual rollsigns. I agree that the would be the ideal route for the R62As. The and swap cars frequently, and it would be a total nightmare for subway operators if one or both of those lines were to switch to R62As.
  10. Nothing personal. Lets hope it isn't AnsaldoBreda.
  11. Just award the contract to Bombardier and get it over with! Enough with this silly game of favoritism towards Kawasaki!:mad::mad::mad:
  12. While the ElDorado EZ Rider II is the best-selling medium-duty bus, the ElDorado Axess heavy-duty bus hasn't been a great seller. While Valley Metro in Phoenix once placed a big order for the Axess, the order was cancelled due to the economy. When the contract was re-bid, it went to New Flyer. Most of the Axess' customers seem to be airport shuttle operators, which is ironic since that is what the EZ Rider II's main intended market, while the Axess is mainly intended for the transit market. So, can the Axess be called a flop? What is the reason for the Axess not selling to transit authorities?
  13. Well, it's now July, so does anyone have any insider info? Hopefully it doesn't get pushed back again.
  14. I would say that out of your choices, ( and are the most likely, depending whether the R179s get assigned to Coney Island or Jamaica. Considering the is already confirmed to be moving to Coney Island and is slated to get R68As, I don't see the getting R179s. As for the , I think the chances are very slim the R179s will be assigned to Concourse. Here are the possible assignments that I would expect after R179 delievery: - R46 ( - R68 and/or R68A, possibly R179s as well - R46 - R68 - R160 - R160 - R68A - R160 and R179 - R143 and R160 - R160 - Either R160 or R179 depending on yard assignment - Either R160 or R179 depending on yard assignment - Either R160 or R179 depending on yard assignment - R160 and R179 - R62A - R142 - R62 - R142 and R142A - R142 - R62A - R188 (Franklin) - R68 (Rockaway) - Either R160 or R179 depending on yard assignment S (42nd) - R62A
  15. I was wondering, I just made a post about SIR not getting R179s on subchat, and they don't believe it. I even posted a link to the 2010-2014 capital plan, and they are saying it is just a rumor. Is there any particular reason why?
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